Update on my Yak fiber

Well, I’ve been really determined to spin this fiber! So far this is what I have done with the Yak:


And the bag still has plenty of yak:

Bag still full of Yak

I swear, these fluffy clumps of yak keep reproducing at night! And I’m getting yaked out! Hey Val, yes the fiber is really soft and downy! Now I have to go, I have to spin…

What’s on my wheel?

A few months ago, I wanted to spin  some Yak fiber and I purchased a pound from Peace of Yarn. I don’t know why I assumed  that it would come in a form of roving (Yes, don’t make assumptions, especially with exotic fibers). And to my surprised, the Yak has a really short staple. About a inch to be more exact!

Yak fiber

short staple

And there was not roving. I thought  to myself “There is a mistake here!” I ordered “ready to spin Yak” !!!! Well, it actually comes in soft clouds of fiber. Disappointed, I left the plastic bag in the corner for months, avoiding to even look at it. But it was there, waiting patiently for me. And from time to time I would look at the bag and then look rapidly at something else. Pretending  that it didn’t exist.

Yak fiber

I finally decided to give it a shot. Surprise, surprise! It is actually very easy to spin! I set up my spinning wheel at a high ratio, which I have never done before, and start spinning a fine single. I’m quite satisfied with it, the only thing is that is going to take a long time before I can spin the whole thing! I haven’t even made a dent to the damn bag!

Yak yarnMaybe I will try the Navajo ply with it, since is thin enough…

I’m also spinning some camel mixed with silk on my Mach 1. This fiber spins like butter! I find that it is easier to pre draft the roving, because is sooo slippery, I feel that this way I can have a bit more of control over the thickness and uniformity of the yarn.


I will leave this as a single, and knit a circular shrug like this one.

Fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting

Fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting

I also got a bag of  llama from my friend Greg. It was such a generous gift from him. I don’t know how he could part with it! Lucky me!


I’m having a great time spinning it. And I enjoy every single step of the process. I make small rollags with my hand carders before spinning it.

Hand carded llama

Llama rolags

I think I will ply it. I’m picturing a double ply yarn and maybe a warm fuzzy hat! I just love the color!

Llama fiber

I will leave you with a picture of a Yak in Nepal that I founded in Wikipedia

A yak in Nepal

A yak in Nepal

If you want more info about this fiber, click at the picture to go to Wikipedia.