The gathering of fiber lovers…

The Fiber Fair at Windrush Farm was a success! I’m not talking about the amount of sales here, I’m referring to the fact that this event attracted spinners, knitters and many, many fiber enthusiasts that came from far away to visit us. It was nice meeting people that told me that have been reading the blog (thank you) and watch spinners arrive with their wheels, spindles, carders (we had a man arriving with a carder and a whole fleece), knitting needles at full speed and a Celtic Harp! The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative with us. Every year it just gets better and better!

Fall Fiber Fest

Mimi Luebberman has WindrushFarm where she grows alpacas, sheep and  goats. She is part of our knitting circle. I have posted about our visits to her farm previously and how much fun we have at the farm when we visit. She works really hard trying to promote her fiber throughout  farmers markets, and now she is organizing a day in the farm where I will be participating on selling my wool. Besides her farm, Mimi writes beautiful books about different topics. From heirloom tomatoes  to “How to grow orchids” with fabulous photography. The event will be held on the 26th of September and I really can’t wait. My friend Marlie who owns Black Mountain Artisans will be there. I will be demonstrating how to do felt. I’m a bit anxious about it, since I’m kind of a shy person.

I’m planning to spend the night before at the farm with my friend Gina and have a good time sipping wine and talking about what else? Fibers and wool! This will be my first event selling my fibers.

For more information about this event and directions go to Fiber Arts of West Marin.