Olive Branch

Olive Branch, originally uploaded by beesybee.etsy.

I love this blend. 50% Alpaca, 30% silk and 20 % Tussah silk. This also will go on my Etsy shop tomorrow. I’m just too tired to do it tonight!


Etsy update

I just post some roving for sale at my Etsy shop. If you are interested on purchasing any of my roving,  you can click at the pictures to get redirected to my store.


I had this colorway before with alpaca roving, and liked it so much that I decided to repeated this time with Wensleydale wool.


I really like this colorway. The greens are relly pretty. This is roving has a blend of 50% Alpaca, 30% Merino and 20% Tussah silk.


And the last one for now, is 100 % Wensleydale wool. I called this colorway flame!