The Mother of the Bride

I had to admit, at some point I felt a little panic during the production of this dress (just a little). I tend to think about too many “what if’s” and I have to remind myself that I will be fine. I was checking my emails a few days ago, and the first email from The Mother of the Bride was on October last year. I met her in December and I agreed to design her a dress for her daughter’s wedding. Talking about a little pressure, right? I worked on it really slow and I took my time before walking to the next step. I guess I take dyeing for granted (since that’s what I generally do almost each week), because when I realized that it was the time to dye the dress, again my “what ifs” started to go around my head again. I don’t have a lot of experience with indigo. My friend Charmaine kindly spent an afternoon with me showing how she prepares her vat. So, I was on my own and I had to dye the dress with Indigo. I took my notes, and started my first indigo vat. So, one cold afternoon, I held my breath and I dipped the white dress in a stinky dark liquid hoping that the magic would do its trick for me… And it did!

The reds from the cochineal turned purple, the yellows from the Osage Orange turned green and the white wool and silk turned blue.

indigo Dress

Indigo Dress indigo Dress

The making of this dress tought me a few things. One of them was feeling ok with using buttons to fasten the garment. And the other lesson I learned is being p-a-t-i-e-n-t!

indigo Dress Back

The dress was modeled by my friend Gina.


Small projects and a new camera

I’ve been playing with a new camera that Keith got to photograph birds. At first it was a little overwhelming to get used to the new features. But it is actually easier to operate than my old clunky camera. I’ve been having very good results with the white balance and the colors of my fibers are more real. I love how bright and colorful the pictures are. At one point I will have to give it back to Keith and get my own. I better start saving my pennies before he ask me for his camera back…



I started a new hat with some of my  hand spun merino and the llama that my friend Greg gave me a while ago. It took me a while to figure how to make the hat using a sample that I previously knitted flat, but once I did,  it went very easy and fast.  It didn’t take a long time to realize that this yarn wasn’t very appropriate for what I had in mind. The yarn is pretty, but there is too much going on with the colors and texture. A more smooth yarn would have been perfect for this preject. Bonbon hat

A few months ago, some of my friends and I visited an old little lady with a few Angora goats and sheep. We got lots of fleeces. I mean, LOTS. I’ve been dyeing  it, spinning it and having a heck of a good time with it, but when it comes to fibers I’m a polygamist,  I can’t stay with the same fiber for a long time. I always want to try new stuff.



This is a blend of camel and silk, and I bought it because I love the natural color of the camel fiber, but then I couldn’t resist the need of dyeing it before spinning it. I’m very glad I did it. The colors are deep and dramatic. This fiber when it drafts, it literally disappears or I better say it melts like butter between my hands! My Mach 1 did an excellent job with it. I tend to over spun my yarn, but this wheel did the right job for me.


This is an over dyed alpaca roving. I also spun this in my Mach one. I have about 300 yards of pure future knitting pleasure. I’m thinking about combining it with the camel and silk. We’ll see.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

Rumi Quote

Hand spun yarn

I haven’t post for a while, Is not that I don’t have anything to share, is just that I’ve been busy getting things ready for our collective. I even started a blog for it. I just hope I will be able to find time to update both of them. But I still managed to spin some yarn from my own hand dyed roving. Bamboo merino yarn

Bamboo merino handspun yarnMerino bamboo handspun yarnI spun this yarn thick and tin.  I really enjoy spinning it, and I’m crazy about how soft it is. I’m debating between keeping it or putting in the store for sale. MMMMMHH!

Wendsleydale wool

This is Wensleydale wool, and it was really interesting to spin with it. I’m looking forward to spinning more with it. I really like how this wool takes up on the dye.

Merino bamboo

merino bamboo wool

I was not sure to leave this yarn as a single, but I decided to ply it with some silk thread that I had previously dyed with eucalyptus leaves. I think I’m in love with it. Really soft…

Alpaca, silk, merino yarn

And this yarn is a blend of Alpaca, silk and superfine merino. I have some of this roving on my Etsy store. The colorway is called Coquette.