Going up North

Yesterday was shearing day at Wyammy Ranch and just on the spur of the moment I decided to go to Occidental to buy some Wensleydale fleeces. With a beautiful day like yesterday it wasn’t very hard to decide. Driving through Hwy 1 is always fun anyway.




The redwoods also have its own beauty.


I got there right after the shearing was done, so I had plenty of time to choose my fleeces.

JoAnn Barn

This is like going to a candy store for me. It’s always hard to choose since each fleece is different from each other, with its special characteristics and variations that makes them unique, but I was decided to shop this time for white wool.


This is JoAnn felting machine. I wish I had one. This is like a big sander with a couple of plates that rub each other to create friction. I could make huge projects with a machine like this.

Felting Machine

JoAnn View

What a view!


I came back home with a couple fleeces and one is already washed and under the sun getting dry.




Romney Girls


My samples for the month of August ~ Arabian Nights

This month I decided that it was the time to show off some of my Finnish wool to the people that get the Phat Fiber sample boxes. After I packaged and sent out the 50 samples of my Arabesque color way to the PF headquarters, I had some leftover wool, and I decided to give it a try, and boy, it was a good spin.

I was surprised at how soft this wool was. Usually Finn is crossed with other breeds to increase the lambing percentage because of the hig incidence of multiple births, but going back to the spinning, I strongly felt the need to keep my Navajo Ply momentum going, so I spun a fine single to be N-Ply later on.

Since I dyed the top with long color transitions, I wanted to take advantage of this by spinning the wool without breaking it into sections, and that is where the beauty of the N-ply falls into place, it keeps those transitions even after plying the single.

Finnish wool has a nice crimp, so the yarn that it yields is soft and bouncy. This is one of those versatile fibers. While it can be perfect for socks because its durability, it also can be used for outerwear garments or even lace and it is not difficult to get those saturated colors with Finn. I just love unfolding the wool bundles after they are steamed.

Finnish sheep is one of the ancient breeds. They have been in Finland for over a thousand years. In Australia, they have been crossed with Merino to improve softness.

Well, spinning Finnish didn’t feel unfamiliar to me like spinning for example, Bamboo or Milk Protein, and the best part is, that I still have to knit my small swatch. : )