Celebrating The Year of The Sheep!

I’m getting ready for the Second Annual Farm to Home Wool Festival at Valley Ford hosted by Ariana and Casey. Last year we had a blast. We got lot’s of visitors, the weather was great, and the food was to die for. This year they will have demonstrations on shearing, weaving, spinning, music and more. This is a great family friendly event and the driving to get there is really nice.

Wool Festival Banner

I will be having a booth selling my hand dyed fibers and such along with other vendors offering their wares.


This is a FREE EVENT!

Free Event


Valley Ford Wool Mill
14390 Highway 1, Valley Ford, CA 94972 United States
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Going up North

Yesterday was shearing day at Wyammy Ranch and just on the spur of the moment I decided to go to Occidental to buy some Wensleydale fleeces. With a beautiful day like yesterday it wasn’t very hard to decide. Driving through Hwy 1 is always fun anyway.




The redwoods also have its own beauty.


I got there right after the shearing was done, so I had plenty of time to choose my fleeces.

JoAnn Barn

This is like going to a candy store for me. It’s always hard to choose since each fleece is different from each other, with its special characteristics and variations that makes them unique, but I was decided to shop this time for white wool.


This is JoAnn felting machine. I wish I had one. This is like a big sander with a couple of plates that rub each other to create friction. I could make huge projects with a machine like this.

Felting Machine

JoAnn View

What a view!


I came back home with a couple fleeces and one is already washed and under the sun getting dry.




Romney Girls


May Day at Windrush Farm

First day of May. It was a beautiful day to be outside to celebrate fiber with friends and visitors. The day was gleaming with a beautiful sunshine.

Once again, Mimi Luebberman invited friends and fiber lovers to come to her farm and participate in her annual shearing. It was offered some fiber demonstrations during the day by Mimi and Marlie DeSwart. It was hard for me not to bid at one (or more) of the nice fleeces they have for auction. I had  booth there to sell my hand dyed goods as well my friends Marlie and Charmaine.

Charmaine’s specialty are her soft hand spun yarns richly colored with natural dyes from fennel, indigo, and onion skins. She sells her yarns at Black Mountain Artisans in Point Reyes. It was also a section at the fair where people could learn spinning with spindles made with discarded CDs. Susan and Laura from Spindles and Flyers set up a space and invite people to try spinning. At one point I remember seen a whole family engaged in their spinning.

Susan brought with her a huge basket filled with mini batts of different colors and textures.

I couldn’t resist to give a try myself. I spent most of the day with my CD spindle.

Of course we also had delicious pizzas and handcrafted bread made by Mike the Baker from Sonoma.

Marlie’s handspun

Fiber Auction