Color Palette – Pink Agate

I’ve been playing with making color palettes from random photographs. This one ended up on a colorway that I called Pink Agate (although the more I compare the picture with the crystals I have, this looks more like a Rhodocrosite):


50/50 Merino Silk Blend

50/50 Merino Silk Blend

This is silk chiffon dyed for the feltmakers in mind.

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

They are both listed in my shop now for purchase ; )



New in the shop

Here is some eye candy. These pictures belong to my latest shop update. And why I’m so excited about this update? Because my list of domestic breeds offered at my shop is growing! I’m already have a wonderful Rambouillet that is a dream to spin and felt, then I added the Targhee that is equally wonderful. Now I’m also have the Superwash version of the Targhee and last but not the least, I have a beautiful Domestic Merino that takes the dyes wonderfully.

Domestic Merino Combed Top


Domestic Merino Combed Top


Domestic Merino Combed Top

Domestic Merino Combed Top

Domestic Merino Combed Top

The Superwash Targhee was so much to fun to work with. It literally drinks the dyes:

Dreamsville Domestic SW Targhee

Domestic SW Targhee

Bazaar Domestic SW Targhee

Domestic SW Targhee

Art Collector Domestic SW Targhee

Art Collector
Domestic SW Targhee

Ice Cream Truck Domestic SW Targhee

Ice Cream Truck
Domestic SW Targhee

Stirred Paint Domestic SW Targhee

Stirred Paint
Domestic SW Targhee

Along with this updated I also included  some Humbug BFL top. I love how the color mixing of the ecru and natural browns gives a nice heathery effect.

And the last two products to my addition are two fun fiber blends that I’ve been playing with lately. I’m planning to post a tutorial about how to use it for felting because it has been a lot of fun using it to make felted scarves.

Forest Jewels is a blend of Merino in bright colors of turquoise, magentas, greens with Soy Silk.

Forest Jewels

Peacock is a blend of Bamboo and Merino in blues, greens and magentas with brown. The colors are deep and beautiful.




New February Update!

I’m liking this update a lot. One of the reasons is that, finally, my shop is starting to look decent again. I was feeling very sorry to even post anything on Facebook, since it was looking rather sparse. I’m hoping to do another in about a week with some awesome hand dyed sock yarn. Another reason that I’m excited about this update is that I have recreated some of the old colorways that have been my all time favorites. I tend to work on new stuff and I easily move onto other things that I’m excited about, forgetting wonderful old colorways. I’m reminded when a customer sends me a request and asks me to recreate them again. It was fun to go back to my sold items on Etsy from the beginning and pick and choose what to dye for this update.

Here is a sample of what I have posted today:

Feel free to check my shop at Beesybee Fibers on Etsy for more fun things to spin or felt with!


May Phat Fiber Theme ” Blossoms and Bark”

This month,  the boxes are going to be bursting with color. I have seen on Ravelry the pics of the contributors with great fibers, and rainbows of colors. You can also see the video of all the contributors on Youtube. Mine is in the video number two. My samples consist of Milk Protein Fiber and the colorway is Bougainvillea.

This is a flower that I’m very familiar with. As a child I remember my mom planting the tree near my window. It grew into a big tree, until a few years ago, a hurricane got rid of it. My mom never plant another one. By the way, people also plant this tree near their fences, because it keeps thieves away. Nobody wants to get caught up in between their terrible thorns.

I will have the full size for sale at my shop by tomorrow. And there is a surprise coming up soon, so stay tuned…

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Shop Update

I just updated my shop with new items. I love the pretty colors of the roving and the teeswater is really a treat to work with. I’m having a hard time to letting go, but I already have plenty of fiber to work with.

I listed this colorway last week, but I didn’t have much time to post it here. Tesoro Magico is a blend of Merino and Tencel.

And the list for today starts with:

Ruffles which is very soft Merino Lambswool. Lots of bright colors in this colorway!

Bromeliad 100% Superfine Merino

Truffle 100% Superfine Merino

Split Pea I love this color. I had it in my shop a few months ago, so I recreated the color again. Thanks for looking. Have a great day!~

Note: As I was updating the blog, the Teeswater sold! But I still want to add a picture of the wool, just because is so pretty! Thanks Lush Mommy for purchasing it! Enjoy!

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Hi there,

I just updated my Etsy shop, but I haven’t time to post it here. Warning!!!! The list is going to be long! I would like to start with Patina, because I made two versions of this colorway. One version is more saturated in color more that the other:

This is Patina with more intense colors. Blue Face Leicester. Very soft stuff…

Patina. And this is the other version, less intense than the previous one.

Aria. Sold. Blue Face Leicester

Terra. 100% Superfine, supersoft Merino

Blue Mountain. Merino. Great for felting.

Blossom. This is a blend of Merino-Tencel 50/50. I love the shine of this fiber blend

Leaf song. Sold. This is a special blend of Kid Mohair 63%, Merino 25% and Nylon 12%. Once this blend is gone, is gone!

I will be posting later tonight with more new colorways…

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New Items in my shop

I keep having fun dyeing milk fiber. And is because it takes the dyes so beautiful, the fiber is so silky and yummy!Don’t forget if you would like to see a specific listing in my shop, just click at the picture to get redirected.

Daylily. 100% Milk Protein Fiber

I Love Paris.Sold. Another pretty colorway and the blend is Mohair 63%, Nylon 12% and Merino 25%

Dawn and Dusk. Really nice rustic colorway. 100% Merino (overdyed)

Plum Caramel. Sold.100% Alpaca (overdyed)

Cameo. 100% Milk Protein Fiber.

Shop updated…After reshooting once again!

Yesterday I lost all my pictures including the latest pics that I took of my new roving. I had to do it all over again. I really don’t mind doing it again, but I can’t stop thinking of the pictures I lost of my family and special moments with friends. I’m still hoping that they are somewhere in that little box that contains my external drive. Oh well..

On the other hand, I got my shop updated with new colorways and fibers. I’m so happy with the results. I have Milk Protein Fiber, and a wonderful blend of 63% Kid Mohair 12% Nylon and 25% Merino wool. Both new to my shop. The Mohair blend is sooooo soft and for some reason I keep saying it is so silky.

Galah. Sold! 100% Milk Protein Fiber. This fiber is also very soft. It almost feel like liquid.

Bougainvillea. Sold. 100% Milk Protein Fiber

Bella. Sold. This is the new blend of 63% Kid Mohair 12% Nylon and 25% Merino wool. I’m very excited about this fiber.

Mokume. Milk Protein Fiber.

Snapdragon. Sold. 100% Superfine Merino

Flopsy Bunnies. Sold. 63% Kid Mohair 12% Nylon and 25% Merino wool.  I did this colorway for my January Phat Fiber Box Samples.

Peter Rabbit. Sold.  Another colorway for my January Phat Fiber Sample Box.

Also I would like my readers to know that Phat Fiber is giving a Super Phat Fiber Box this month and  when you buy something from me, you can enter your purchase on this Ravelry thread for the giveaway.

If you haven’t join Ravelry yet,  it is very easy and free. There is a great crochet, spinning and knitting community out there.

It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.

I don’t know who said that, but I like it…

Shop update

I haven’t updated my shop in a while! Maybe that’s why my sales are so low right now. I was wondering if this is happening to other fiber shops on Etsy. I’ve been playing with my new carder. I got a Louet Classic and I’m very excited about all the fibers I can card with it. I have a Strauch Finest, but I feel really funny about carding stuff like pieces of yarn and sari silk with it.

Pecan Pie

This is the first batt that I carded with the Louet, and is called Pecan Pie, I used the same fibers for my Phat Fiber Samples for the month of November. I used lots of alpaca, local mohair, angelina, firestar and costwold locks.

This is Mumbai Mirror, which I carded with merino, sari silk, lots of glitzy stuff and mohair locks. I also add some roving to my shop today. I’m so infatuated with my carder that I almost forgot to do some dyeing last week.

Mirror Mask

Mirror Mask, Superwash Merino. This is one of my favorites color combinations. I love the intensity of the blues and reds. I think if works very well.


Wildflowers. Superwash merino. I forgot to mention that the rovings are dyed with the Greener Shades

100 Bright Stars

100 Bright Stars. Superfine Merino.  Lovely soft colors.

Thanks for looking. I now I going back to my new carder!

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More fiber. Superwash Merino. And going Greener

Here is a little shop update:


Reflection. Superwash Merino

Dry Grass

Dry Grass. Superwash Merino


Reminiscence. Superwash Merino

And here is a little peek of something that I’ve been working on for a while:

Greener Shades

I just got some new dyes from Greener Shades and I’m like a kid with a new toy! I’ve been having a great time playing with them and mixing a bunch of new colors. It feels great that I can use these colors with confidence and that they won’t be harmful to the environment. I will be gradually switching my dyes to these colors as I learn more about color mixing. I ordered a few books to learn a little bit more about it. Here is one of them.

Complex Color

Complex color by Susan Rex. Also, the Twisted Sister sock workbook by Lynne Vogel has a chapter on color mixing.

The array of colors that I will get by mixing will be greater and unlimited… And the fun… Priceless…

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