Lambtown Wool Festival

The date for The 27th Annual Lambtown Festival is getting closer!  This will be my second year and this time it seems that I will be selling indoors. I enjoyed being outside last year, but I didn’t realized that I was in a vulnerable place when the strong winds suddenly appeared and I wasn’t prepare at all to deal with it. My friend and I found an empty bucket that we filled with water and use it as a weight to stabilized my tent and keep it in place for the night. I went to my hotel room a bit worry. Notting happened, but it was no fun for a couple hours trying to figured out what to do! So, this year I sent my check early enough to secure my place indoors. Come by to see me and say hi. I will be in booth #36. Oh yeah, the date? Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 5 2013 from 10am to 6 pm.

On the other hand I’ve been felting a lot lately. Some of my work has been placed at Black Mountain Weavers in Point Reyes, and some still needs finished work to do. I’ve been building a pile of garments that need to be dyed. So, no photographs so far. Here is one scarf that I finished yesterday (that still needs to be dyed). This is alpaca and 15 micron merino with no silk backing. I wanted to make a scarf with holes all over.

Felted Scarf


Felted Scarf

I’ve been also having a good time spinning this little Shetland lambswool fleece that I got from my friend Mimi Luebberman. I’ve been spinning singles with the intention of knitting a cardigan with it. Although I’m getting a bit worry that I won’t have enough for a sweater and I don’t really like to knit vests.

Shetland Fleece


I might have to change my mind about knitting a vest unless I find another yarn that would work with these bulky singles.


Play day

A few days ago, I decided to visit Judy in Sebastopol, who raise angora goats. I wanted to buy about 5 pounds of washed mohair that I needed for a project I have in mind. I called my friend Charmaine, to see if she needs some and Charmaine called Marlie of Black Mountain Weavers in Point Reyes, Marlie called Mimi Luebbermann of Chileno Valley. Any way, the four of us decided to go on Thursday mornig. Mimi has a beautiful farm in Chileno Valley and is such a joy to visit her and be around her goats, chickens and wool.


Beautiful wisteria in bloom

Wisteria in bloom

I always drool at her wool beautifully displayed in her barn.


So then we headed towards Sebastopol to see Judy. To get “some” wool. When we got there, Judy took us to her barn where she stores bags full of fleece. We literally had to dive into those bags, and we did find  lots of wonderful  fleeces. Well, to make the story short, we ended up with 45 pounds of raw fleece! YIKES! It was hard to make up our minds,  about what to take back with us.Raw fleece

So, we took it all!

This is Marlie that cannot hide her joy after shopping.


And a little happy goat

Mohar goat

Did I get my mohair? No, but I think I will go again for some!  He, he, he. These kind of trips can be dangerous sometimes.