Phat Fiber – How Does Your Garden Grow?

I got very excited about the Phat Fiber theme for this month. Each month that I get to participate I feel like it’s a good opportunity to challenge myself to come up with a new colorway, but this month I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what colors I wanted to have. This is because I recall working on this set of colors a few years ago and I liked it so much, that I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the colors again. So, here is the top dyed on a BFL/Silk base. Oh, yes, the colorway is called PAPAYA. Well, I grew up in Yucatan, and this is a fruit that I’m very familiar with. It grows almost wild everywhere in Yucatan, and we, of course, had them in our orchard. I vividly remember the Orioles, Parrots and other tropical birds feeding off the fallen fruit. When it was in season, we had it in every single imaginable way. Fresh Papaya salad, smoothies, candied, dried, with lemon and chile, ice cream. The whole town would smell like Papaya (rotten papaya). There was no way that I could escape from consuming some. Now, I don’t have to work hard to recall the smell of it.

Papaya BFL/Silk Combed Top

These are the samples before they got to be braided. They look like cinnamon rolls to me.

Papaya samples

Papaya Samples

And here are the mini braids ready to be sent.



The contributors that signed up for this month are listed on this page, and if you would like to be notified,  follow this link here to sign up. I will have the full version available in my shop  today.


My samples for the month of August ~ Arabian Nights

This month I decided that it was the time to show off some of my Finnish wool to the people that get the Phat Fiber sample boxes. After I packaged and sent out the 50 samples of my Arabesque color way to the PF headquarters, I had some leftover wool, and I decided to give it a try, and boy, it was a good spin.

I was surprised at how soft this wool was. Usually Finn is crossed with other breeds to increase the lambing percentage because of the hig incidence of multiple births, but going back to the spinning, I strongly felt the need to keep my Navajo Ply momentum going, so I spun a fine single to be N-Ply later on.

Since I dyed the top with long color transitions, I wanted to take advantage of this by spinning the wool without breaking it into sections, and that is where the beauty of the N-ply falls into place, it keeps those transitions even after plying the single.

Finnish wool has a nice crimp, so the yarn that it yields is soft and bouncy. This is one of those versatile fibers. While it can be perfect for socks because its durability, it also can be used for outerwear garments or even lace and it is not difficult to get those saturated colors with Finn. I just love unfolding the wool bundles after they are steamed.

Finnish sheep is one of the ancient breeds. They have been in Finland for over a thousand years. In Australia, they have been crossed with Merino to improve softness.

Well, spinning Finnish didn’t feel unfamiliar to me like spinning for example, Bamboo or Milk Protein, and the best part is, that I still have to knit my small swatch. : )

Enchanted Forest

I want to share a few pictures of my samples for next month. I’m excited because I haven’t been contributing to the Phat Fiber Box for the past two months and also because I’m sending samples of my Teeswater Combed Top which is a new fiber in my shop.

Spinning Teeswater is like spinning Wensleydale. The staple length is usually about 6 to 7 inches long for the combed top, as for the locks, they measure between 10 to 12 inches long and sometimes even longer than that. The top has a softer handle than Wensleydale, and much similar to the silkiness of Mohair.

And so, the theme for the month of September will be  “Enchanted Forest” and the name of my colorway is “Forest Path”. I tried to recreate the colors of the Douglas Fir and Redwoods that grow around my area up in the mountains.

If you don’t know how to get hold of a box, you can sign up here: Phat Fiber Box, and you will be notified when the boxes will go on sale. If you don’t know about the boxes and you would like more information, go here: Phat Fiber Samples

So, What’s in the box this month?

This month the theme for the Phat Fiber Box is “For the Love of Books”. It gave me lots of ideas to work with. Too many. Finally I decided to pay a little tribute to Beatrix Potter, famous for her children books with beautiful illustrations. How many of us have read about Peter Rabbit or Mr. Jeremy Fisher?

The milk fiber that I just got fit perfectly for the theme.

I’m sending also as part of my samples a blend of Kid Mohair, Nylon and Merino Wool. This blend has a nice sheen and it is really soft and silky. I had a hard time keeping myself from spinning this fiber.

I just hope my samples get to the Phat Fiber headquarters on time for the video. If you want to be notified about when the box goes on sale, sign up here.

Don’t go into Mr. McGregor’s garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Phat fiber Samples for December “Aurora Borealis and Beyond”

The theme for the December Phat Fiber Samples is “Aurora Borealis and Beyond”. Once again I failed to take more pictures of my final samples. But here is a little pic of one of my batts before I converted them into cute wee samples.

As always, I have a blast put it them together. I love choosing the colors and texture. Even tough I have a vague idea of what I want to achieve, the fiber itself has the last word.

It metamorphoses into what it wants to be. I remember my teacher Polly Stirling mentioning something like that when she was explaining how the wool felts. Sometimes I imagine wool fibers like worms, trying to find each other to form colonies and cling into themselves. Funny uh?

When I was working on my Phat Samples, I took a break and I sat on an old wicker chair when I felt something moving next to my leg. When I looked down, I saw this little fella looking at me:

This cute little frog. I finished my lunch and this dude never moved one inch.

I don’t know what kind of frog it is, and I would love to know more about it. If somebody reading this blog knows, a note in the comments section will be appreciated. Thanks!

Phat fiber samples “Legends, Folklore & Fairytales”.

There is so much to post… Last time I didn’t get to post about my Phat fiber samples.  This month’s theme is “Legends, Folklore & Fairytales” which promises to be very exciting!

"Legends, Folklore & Fairytales"

Since theme is very whimsical, it was a bit difficult to decide the colorway. The ideas kept coming so, I decided to send three different color combinations.

Phat fiber samples ready to go

Phat sample box

I just joined the Phat Fiber Sample Box as a contributor! I just got my samples ready to get mailed for the May box. Here is a little preview before it goes to the mail:

Fiber sample

I carded Angelina fiber in colors of fuchsia, gold and green, mohair locks, Wensleydale and suri alpaca

My carder

Here is the carder doing its job…

Carded batts

And the batts ready to be mailed!