Phat Fiber – How Does Your Garden Grow?

I got very excited about the Phat Fiber theme for this month. Each month that I get to participate I feel like it’s a good opportunity to challenge myself to come up with a new colorway, but this month I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what colors I wanted to have. This is because I recall working on this set of colors a few years ago and I liked it so much, that I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the colors again. So, here is the top dyed on a BFL/Silk base. Oh, yes, the colorway is called PAPAYA. Well, I grew up in Yucatan, and this is a fruit that I’m very familiar with. It grows almost wild everywhere in Yucatan, and we, of course, had them in our orchard. I vividly remember the Orioles, Parrots and other tropical birds feeding off the fallen fruit. When it was in season, we had it in every single imaginable way. Fresh Papaya salad, smoothies, candied, dried, with lemon and chile, ice cream. The whole town would smell like Papaya (rotten papaya). There was no way that I could escape from consuming some. Now, I don’t have to work hard to recall the smell of it.

Papaya BFL/Silk Combed Top

These are the samples before they got to be braided. They look like cinnamon rolls to me.

Papaya samples

Papaya Samples

And here are the mini braids ready to be sent.



The contributors that signed up for this month are listed on this page, and if you would like to be notified,  follow this link here to sign up. I will have the full version available in my shop  today.


Phat Fiber – Secret Garden

The theme for April is The Secret Garden and my samples are on its way to the PF headquarters. This month I decided to participate with my Woodland Gnome colorway using BFL as a wool base.

Woodland Gnome

I’m always happy at how this wool pick the color with so much intensity. Here is a picture of Woodland Gnome with the Mixed BFL which consists of white and brown fibers combed together.

Woodland Gnome

I hope to get the full version of my samples listed in my shop on the 15th which is a day after the box goes for sale. If you are interested on knowing more about Phat Fiber, visit their website for more info.


My samples for the month of August ~ Arabian Nights

This month I decided that it was the time to show off some of my Finnish wool to the people that get the Phat Fiber sample boxes. After I packaged and sent out the 50 samples of my Arabesque color way to the PF headquarters, I had some leftover wool, and I decided to give it a try, and boy, it was a good spin.

I was surprised at how soft this wool was. Usually Finn is crossed with other breeds to increase the lambing percentage because of the hig incidence of multiple births, but going back to the spinning, I strongly felt the need to keep my Navajo Ply momentum going, so I spun a fine single to be N-Ply later on.

Since I dyed the top with long color transitions, I wanted to take advantage of this by spinning the wool without breaking it into sections, and that is where the beauty of the N-ply falls into place, it keeps those transitions even after plying the single.

Finnish wool has a nice crimp, so the yarn that it yields is soft and bouncy. This is one of those versatile fibers. While it can be perfect for socks because its durability, it also can be used for outerwear garments or even lace and it is not difficult to get those saturated colors with Finn. I just love unfolding the wool bundles after they are steamed.

Finnish sheep is one of the ancient breeds. They have been in Finland for over a thousand years. In Australia, they have been crossed with Merino to improve softness.

Well, spinning Finnish didn’t feel unfamiliar to me like spinning for example, Bamboo or Milk Protein, and the best part is, that I still have to knit my small swatch. : )

Beesybee Fiber’s Give Away

Well, do you remember about a surprise coming up?

Phat Fiber is giving away 4 oz of my Milk Protein Fiber on my Bougainvillea colorway.

What to do to enter the competition? You have to visit my shop and then go to the Phat Fiber Sample Box’s Blog and write about it.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
~ Dr. Seuss

May Phat Fiber Theme ” Blossoms and Bark”

This month,  the boxes are going to be bursting with color. I have seen on Ravelry the pics of the contributors with great fibers, and rainbows of colors. You can also see the video of all the contributors on Youtube. Mine is in the video number two. My samples consist of Milk Protein Fiber and the colorway is Bougainvillea.

This is a flower that I’m very familiar with. As a child I remember my mom planting the tree near my window. It grew into a big tree, until a few years ago, a hurricane got rid of it. My mom never plant another one. By the way, people also plant this tree near their fences, because it keeps thieves away. Nobody wants to get caught up in between their terrible thorns.

I will have the full size for sale at my shop by tomorrow. And there is a surprise coming up soon, so stay tuned…

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