Some shop update

It has been a while since I updated my poor shop. For some reason I haven’t find the time to do it. Shame on me! Excuses, Excuses! I’ve had this roving ready to be photograph since last week. My intention is to have this for sale by tomorrow. For some reason I’ve been working on some very deep color ways. Can we manifest emotions, fear of thoughts through color? Or maybe our moods? Our spirits gets lifted when we see a beautiful rainbow, green is the color of energy, growth and hope, white is peace and purity. Blue is cooling and red warm. One nice thing about working with colors and creating new colorways is that my mind travels thousands of miles away into magical and exotic places. I like to think about what people wear and the colors of food and spices.

Fig Garden

I called this colorway Fig Garden. This is superwash merino and Tencel.

Mushroom hunting

This is Mushroom Hunting. Superwash merino and Tencel. Where the name came from? My friend Russel is an expert on mushrooms and he came to visit us some time ago. He goes to the Sierra Nevada to collect mushrooms to study and to eat. So, he came to visit us and brought some wonderful wild mushrooms that we ate with eggs for breakfast. That was such a treat!!!


This is 100 % feltable merino wool.  This is called mystery.


Terracotta. 100% merino wool

Split Pea

Split Pea. 100% merino wool. Tomorrow I will be adding the links to my Etsy shop for purchasing… It has been a long, long day…

My shop has been updated! If you would like to purchase the roving, please click at the pictures to go to my shop.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Feeling Blue?

Oh well, when was the last time I posted something on my blog? Last week? It has been busy. And when Keith has one those diverticulitis flare ups, everything else goes on hold.  He has to go into a liquid diet until he feels better. And for me, I get a bit anxious. Just because last year he spent nine painful days at the hospital. Pretty scary stuff! But meanwhile, I was able to finish my socks! My very first pair of socks!


I’m not that trilled with my choice of colors, but that’s what I had available at that time. The heel flap came out a bit longer, but I will know what to do next time. I’m looking forward knitting another pair, but this time will be with superwash wool; something that I will be able to trow  in the washing machine without worry that it will shrink.

This month I’m participating again on the Phat Fiber Box Sample and the theme for this month is Ocean. I got so inspired by the idea, that I started playing with blues. Blue is a color that I don’t tend to work with a lot. I feel more comfortable working with reds and browns. But the little blue bug got me and I started dyeing some fibers and yarn in blues.


Oops! It seems that my drying rack is collapsing. Any way. So, for my samples I’m using local wool that I got from Cherry Ridge Farm in Sebastopol. The wool is such a pleasure to work with. Beautiful  Corridale with a staple of about 8 inches without even pulling the curl! And so soft! I’m having a good time dyeing it and carding it.

Corridale and Angelina Fiber

I also add some Mohair curls that I got from the same farm. And of course, some sparkle. Angelina Fiber in blues (yes, more blue) and some Firestar Fiber.

Corridale in my carder

I was able to get batts of about 3 oz each.


And here are my final samples! Ready to be mailed!


Spring and swallows

When springs comes, I’m always happy and eager to see the swallows take residence of their box nests. My husband makes sure that the nests are clean and ready for them to take residency. We love to have our breakfast in the morning and watch them going back and forth interacting with each other.


Keith thinks that we get the same couple every year, because when they first come, they know where the nests are, and don’t hesitate to take over the box.


There is a little song that my grandmother used to sing to me. I don’t know the origin of it, but it is an old nursery rhyme from the  XIX  century.

Golondrinita, golondrinita,
de donde acabas de llegar
de Lejos vengo.
de lejos vengo
del otro lado del mar.
Vengo a esperar a la primavera

que muy pronto llegará

y si quieres mientras llega

yo te enseñaré a volar.

And the translation goes:

Little Swallow, little swallow
where you just get from
I come from afar
I come from afar
across the sea
I’ve come to expect in the spring
that will soon arrive,
And if you want to, ( while the spring arrives)

I’ll show you to fly.

Litttle Swallow

Meet Lola

I’ve been so busy lately with dyeing roving, spinning and having to mind the store, that I forgot to introduce Lola. I was really eager to try my new spinning wheel that I forgot to take pictures  of her. As I said in my first post, I was really anxious waiting for her. Almost a whole month! Fortunately, for me I went to México to visit my family. Otherwise, the waiting period  was going be too unbearable for me. Not to say that I had to spend most of my vacation time at the hospital, because my mom went into a diabetic coma.  I’m so thankful she is fine now. She actually left the hospital the day before my departure. I had to take a vacation after my vacation in México just to rest from the stressful time I spent at the hospital! But finally, Lola is here. Ta ra rannnnn!

My Lola. Majacraft spinning wheel

Please forget the mess in the background. She is a little powerhouse. I have been enjoying spinning with her every single minute. I’ve carded some Cotswold, merino, mohair, firestar into a batt.

Merino, costwold, mohair batt

I like the little glitz that the firestar adds to the fiber. The pictures doesn’t show enough of it. I wish I can capture the real color. This is a really nice yarn…

Lola in accion

And this is Lola in accion:


Next, I have plans to spin some llama that I got from a friend. I will keep you posted…

Wensleydale roving.

I had a couple of great days this week! I was able to dye 5 pounds of wool in two days. I will be putting new roving in my Etsy store soon. I’ve been working on dyeing Wensleydale wool. It is a bit coarser than what I’ve been dyeing lately, but when you work with alpaca, silk and merino before, and then move to Wensleydale, then you can notice the difference. I love how it takes the dyes, and I just love its luster. The breed was originated in Yorkshire in the early 19Th century. Well, this is what I’ve been working on:

Wensleydale wool

The sun has been very helpful with me. It took me about two days to get it dry.

Wensleydale wool

And this is an image of a Wensleydale sheep that I got in Wikipedia. If you want to read more about it, please click the picture to get redirected to Wikipedia.

Well, I have to go now, time to open our shop…

Roving update and a funny gull story

I’m updating my Etsy store with new Merino/Bamboo roving. The colors are beautiful and the roving is really soft.

merino/bamboo roving

The first to show is Eastern Egg Hunt and is a blend of 60% merino and 40% bamboo.

Eastern Egg Hunting

Pinwheel. Same blend of Merino/Bamboo


Purple Trance. Merino/Bamboo blend.

Purple Trance

Salt marsh. Merino/Bamboo blend

Salt marshCoral Reef. Merino/Bamboo blend

Coral ReefNow, here is my gull story:

This morning I had my wool outside and all my camera setting, when I saw a gull very curious watching me.

Snoopy gull

Eventually, the gull got closer, and closer…

Snoopy gull


I had to go inside the kitchen for some tape I needed to fasten my background to the table and ZASS! The gull takes off with one of my beautiful roving! I just couldn’t believed it! That sucker! It took me a while to react. Should I be mad or laugh?  I couldn’t but laugh. Keith says that they make their nests with seaweed. Well this little sucker will luxuriate in a bed of bamboo and supersoft merino roving.