And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone that participated in my giveaway! My favorite part was reading your wonderful comments. You guys are cool! To choose the winner I used And the winner is:

Number 187! Congratulations at55plus! I will be contacting soon you regarding you mailing address.

Another shop update and free shipping through Labor Day

Saturday is here… Good to have the day off. My studio needs serious cleaning since I’ve been focusing of getting fibers ready for my shop before summer ends. The weather here in the coast is so unpredictable and it often changes from one minute to another. I was able to update my shop with a few items.

LABOR DAY SPECIAL: I will be offering free shipping on all US order and 1/2 shipping on international orders,  starting today Saturday through Monday.

100 Hearts - 100 % Superfine Merino

100 Hearts - 100 % Superfine Merino

100 hearts sold. The colors in this roving just work out great! And it sold very fast!


Blueberries - 100 % Merino

Sold. I did some over dyeing with this fiber. This wool was originally gray in color and is not as soft as the superfine white merino that I usually dye. Is a little bit coarser but still can be use for next to skin garments.

Velvet - 100 % Superfine Merino

Velvet - 100 % Superfine Merino

Lovely combination of pinks and purples with a buttery yellow.

Indian Summer - 100 % Superfine Merino

Indian Summer - 100 % Superfine Merino

Indian Summer sold.

Etsy shop update

A few days ago, I had to do some shopping over the hill and when I got home, oh surprise!  A box was waiting for me at my door step!

Box full of wool

I ordered some Blue Faced Leicester (new for my shop) and more Superfine Merino.  I also got  a new blend of Superwash Merino with Tencel and more Wensleydale. The weather has been great for getting my wool dry. New wool, new colors…This is what I have done so far:

Sweet dreams

SWEET DREAMS: This is Blue Face Leicester. I’m in love with this fiber! Is so fluffy! Sold!


ABALONE: Blue Face Leicester  Sold!

Urban Myth

URBAN MYTH: Blue Faced Leicester  Sold!


PAPAYA: Superfine Merino. Great for felting! Sold!


SAMBA: Superfine Merino. Sold!

I’m hoping to be able to put his on my Etsy shop today. Shop updated! you can click on the roving pictures to visit my shop…

Hand spun yarn

I haven’t post for a while, Is not that I don’t have anything to share, is just that I’ve been busy getting things ready for our collective. I even started a blog for it. I just hope I will be able to find time to update both of them. But I still managed to spin some yarn from my own hand dyed roving. Bamboo merino yarn

Bamboo merino handspun yarnMerino bamboo handspun yarnI spun this yarn thick and tin.  I really enjoy spinning it, and I’m crazy about how soft it is. I’m debating between keeping it or putting in the store for sale. MMMMMHH!

Wendsleydale wool

This is Wensleydale wool, and it was really interesting to spin with it. I’m looking forward to spinning more with it. I really like how this wool takes up on the dye.

Merino bamboo

merino bamboo wool

I was not sure to leave this yarn as a single, but I decided to ply it with some silk thread that I had previously dyed with eucalyptus leaves. I think I’m in love with it. Really soft…

Alpaca, silk, merino yarn

And this yarn is a blend of Alpaca, silk and superfine merino. I have some of this roving on my Etsy store. The colorway is called Coquette.

New Batts

Finally, I get to update my Etsy store. I’m putting up for sale three new batts that I just love.

Purple swirl

Purple swirl

This batt is a blend of superfine merino and of course, as a good Latina, I loooove the glitz. Almost like putting chile y limon to everything I eat.

Purple swirl

Purple swirl

This next batt, is also a blend of different colors of merino and again, I know… “The Glitz”.



This batt is sooooo soft! I hand carded it with a blend of Bamboo (that I hand dyed myself), superfine merino, alpaca, mohair and silk in really soft colors of mint green, some violet, aqua greens, and beige. It can be used for felting projects too.

Mint Flower Tea

Mint Flower Tea

That’s everything for now. Tomorrow I’ll be posting more sock yarn.