Making bundles

I did some dyeing this weekend. But first I had to go around my neighborhood to do some “shopping” for the right material.


I did found good leaves, but I also saw a men coming out from a driveway with the back of his truck filled with olive branches. I got so excited about trying something a little different from eucalyptus and after he told me to help myself as much as I could.

Olive leaves

Then I found these leaves that looks like a type of acacia. Their leaves are very similar to the olive leaves.


After I got home I started working on my bundles right away.  I made four bundles and put the whole thing to “cook”.


The hardest part was to wait, so I took my camera and I went for a walk.

Bolinas Beach

A few hours later, I decided that it was time to take them out the pot.


Here are my bundles before unfolding them.

Here are the results:

Eco prints

Eco prints

Eco prints

Eco prints

The Eucalyptus yielded the most bright colors, the acacia-like leaves, left a nice subtle print and the olives didn’t print at all.