Japanese Craft Books

Days have pass in front of me without getting anything done. I don’t even know why. It has been one of those days when I don’t know where times goes. It has been rainy here in West Marin, so I haven’t been working around my dye pots as much as I usually do. Finally, yesterday I was able to dye a pond of fiber! But two days ago, I had to pick up a friend at the Airport so I planned to leave earlier and pay a visit to the Kinokuniya bookstore, near the Fillmore St. This is one of my favorite bookstores.

I was able to spend ONLY one hour! I always get a little rush before I can get my hands in  one of those wonderful knitting and crochet books. I love the designs as they are always a good source  of inspiration for me. I was able to get “only” three books, since I’ve been watching my budget lately,  more that I did in the past. But I just couldn’t resist the idea of leaving the bookstore empty handed.  Leaving behind so many wonderful books with “I can’t wait to try” projects! No way! The problem now is… Which one to choose! They are so many!  Why I can only get one? How about this little one? Is ONLY 12.99. And this one? Oh Gosh!!! Well, this is what I got: Hand-knit works by Setsuko Torii

Setsuko Torii

I love the minimalist style of her designs. The book is beautiful and follows the same minimalist outline which makes a nice frame for the simple clean pictures. Very attractive book that I just couldn’t let go…

Setsuko Torii

Setsuko designs for Habu Textiles and they are working on getting the English version of the book.  Unfortunately this project has been postpone due to her busy schedule.

Domino Knitting

I’ve been very tempted to try domino knitting and I found this book very helpful with great pictures and instructions in English! Advance Domino Knitting with Vivian Hoxbro ISBN978-4-579-11219-7. I want to try the Navajo Square.

Advance Domino Knitting

I also couldn’t resist to buy Knit Factory from the Heart Warming Life Series ISBN 978-4-529-04503-2. The designs are easy and whimsical…

Knit Factory

Knit Factory

The instructions are great, the diagrams are wonderful and easy to follow, the designs are very attractive. I always wonder, why nobody has made an English version of these books? I think they would be so popular amongst us!…