Color Palette – Pink Agate

I’ve been playing with making color palettes from random photographs. This one ended up on a colorway that I called Pink Agate (although the more I compare the picture with the crystals I have, this looks more like a Rhodocrosite):


50/50 Merino Silk Blend

50/50 Merino Silk Blend

This is silk chiffon dyed for the feltmakers in mind.

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

They are both listed in my shop now for purchase ; )



May Phat Fiber Theme ” Blossoms and Bark”

This month,  the boxes are going to be bursting with color. I have seen on Ravelry the pics of the contributors with great fibers, and rainbows of colors. You can also see the video of all the contributors on Youtube. Mine is in the video number two. My samples consist of Milk Protein Fiber and the colorway is Bougainvillea.

This is a flower that I’m very familiar with. As a child I remember my mom planting the tree near my window. It grew into a big tree, until a few years ago, a hurricane got rid of it. My mom never plant another one. By the way, people also plant this tree near their fences, because it keeps thieves away. Nobody wants to get caught up in between their terrible thorns.

I will have the full size for sale at my shop by tomorrow. And there is a surprise coming up soon, so stay tuned…

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Shop Update

I just updated my shop with new items. I love the pretty colors of the roving and the teeswater is really a treat to work with. I’m having a hard time to letting go, but I already have plenty of fiber to work with.

I listed this colorway last week, but I didn’t have much time to post it here. Tesoro Magico is a blend of Merino and Tencel.

And the list for today starts with:

Ruffles which is very soft Merino Lambswool. Lots of bright colors in this colorway!

Bromeliad 100% Superfine Merino

Truffle 100% Superfine Merino

Split Pea I love this color. I had it in my shop a few months ago, so I recreated the color again. Thanks for looking. Have a great day!~

Note: As I was updating the blog, the Teeswater sold! But I still want to add a picture of the wool, just because is so pretty! Thanks Lush Mommy for purchasing it! Enjoy!

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Shop updated!

Finally! It took me a while to get into the dyeing motto. I got new fibers listed in my shop. You can click at the picture to go to my shop:

Tidal. Sold. Wonderful blend of 60% Merino and 40% Bamboo

Patina. Sold.100 % Blue Face Leicester. I love how soft and fluffy this fibers is. I’m never disappointing at this fiber (one braid left).

Flowers on the snow. Sold. 100 % Superwash Merino Lambswool. This fiber is very soft and drafts like a dream.

I can’t wait to list my new milk fiber. I’ve been learning to dye it and it was a little challenging at the beginning. Now I know what means when the fiber gets “crunchy”. That’s how my first batch came out! When I took it out of the dye pot, I knew immediately that the temperature was too high. The subsequent batches came out really nice. Soft and silky.

There is also a great blend of Merino-Mohair-Nylon in the drying rack  that I’m very excited about it. I was able to dye a pound of this fiber a couple days ago. The colors a very “springy” and cheerful. Now I have to go back to my dye pots. Have a great day!!!

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Shop update

I haven’t updated my shop in a while! Maybe that’s why my sales are so low right now. I was wondering if this is happening to other fiber shops on Etsy. I’ve been playing with my new carder. I got a Louet Classic and I’m very excited about all the fibers I can card with it. I have a Strauch Finest, but I feel really funny about carding stuff like pieces of yarn and sari silk with it.

Pecan Pie

This is the first batt that I carded with the Louet, and is called Pecan Pie, I used the same fibers for my Phat Fiber Samples for the month of November. I used lots of alpaca, local mohair, angelina, firestar and costwold locks.

This is Mumbai Mirror, which I carded with merino, sari silk, lots of glitzy stuff and mohair locks. I also add some roving to my shop today. I’m so infatuated with my carder that I almost forgot to do some dyeing last week.

Mirror Mask

Mirror Mask, Superwash Merino. This is one of my favorites color combinations. I love the intensity of the blues and reds. I think if works very well.


Wildflowers. Superwash merino. I forgot to mention that the rovings are dyed with the Greener Shades

100 Bright Stars

100 Bright Stars. Superfine Merino.  Lovely soft colors.

Thanks for looking. I now I going back to my new carder!

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Another shop update and free shipping through Labor Day

Saturday is here… Good to have the day off. My studio needs serious cleaning since I’ve been focusing of getting fibers ready for my shop before summer ends. The weather here in the coast is so unpredictable and it often changes from one minute to another. I was able to update my shop with a few items.

LABOR DAY SPECIAL: I will be offering free shipping on all US order and 1/2 shipping on international orders,  starting today Saturday through Monday.

100 Hearts - 100 % Superfine Merino

100 Hearts - 100 % Superfine Merino

100 hearts sold. The colors in this roving just work out great! And it sold very fast!


Blueberries - 100 % Merino

Sold. I did some over dyeing with this fiber. This wool was originally gray in color and is not as soft as the superfine white merino that I usually dye. Is a little bit coarser but still can be use for next to skin garments.

Velvet - 100 % Superfine Merino

Velvet - 100 % Superfine Merino

Lovely combination of pinks and purples with a buttery yellow.

Indian Summer - 100 % Superfine Merino

Indian Summer - 100 % Superfine Merino

Indian Summer sold.

Shop update

Finally my shop has been updated this week, and here is what I have right now:


Merino-Yak fiber

If you have been following my blog, you know that I’ve been spinning Yak for a while. When I bought it, little I knew that it didn’t come in the form of roving.  As a beginner, it was a bit challenging  for me to spin the fiber. It took me a while to even considering attempting to try. So when I find this fiber I didn’t hesitate on getting it and offer it on my shop. This is a blend of 50% yak and 50% merino. The long staple of the merino fiber holds very well the yak which has a tiny staple; sometimes even less than 1 inch. These two fibers blend very well and both are really soft.

Ballerina - 100% Bamboo

Ballerina - 100% Rayon from Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo can be a little challenging to spin with, but is worth the try! This is what I have on one of my wheels now. What strikes me the most is how this fiber transforms from a irregular looking roving to shiny, strong and even yarn. Note on this fiber: The Federal Trade Commission has made clear that this fiber is actually Rayon derived from Bamboo.

China Doll - 100% Merino

China Doll - 100% Merino

I’ve been enjoying dyeing this fiber. Merino is always a winner because its softness and the it is the perfect fiber for beginners and felters.

Sweet peas - 100 % Merino wool

Sweet peas - 100 % Merino wool

Sold! I had this colorway before and sold right away!

Harlequin - 100% Merino

Harlequin - 100% Merino

If you would like color this is the right colorway for it!


Marrakesh - 100 % Merino

I had offered this colorway before with Wensleydale wool.  Now I have it on my shop with Merino wool.

Wild West - 100 % Merino

Wild West - 100 % Merino

Sold! I love this color a lot. I tend to favor reds and browns, but this blue is really pretty, pretty, pretty… And of course I had to trow a little bit of red on it!

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Shop update

New roving in my shop! And I just have my 100th sale! Yay! As a way to celebrate I’ve been thinking about a giveaway contest, but I need to get it all together before. Just keep tune!

This is Frosting and is 100% Wensleydale. If  you would like to purchase any of these, please click at the picture to get redirected to my Etsy shop

Amazonite. This is 100 % Superfine, super fluffy, super squishy Merino wool.

Fluorite. 100 % Blue Face Leicester. This fiber is just great for begginers. Really fun to spin with.

Sage. 100% Blue Face Leicester

Birth of Venus. 100 % Wensleydale wool. Sold! To my 100th costumer! She doesn’t know it yet, but she will get a little present from Beesybee.

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Some shop update

It has been a while since I updated my poor shop. For some reason I haven’t find the time to do it. Shame on me! Excuses, Excuses! I’ve had this roving ready to be photograph since last week. My intention is to have this for sale by tomorrow. For some reason I’ve been working on some very deep color ways. Can we manifest emotions, fear of thoughts through color? Or maybe our moods? Our spirits gets lifted when we see a beautiful rainbow, green is the color of energy, growth and hope, white is peace and purity. Blue is cooling and red warm. One nice thing about working with colors and creating new colorways is that my mind travels thousands of miles away into magical and exotic places. I like to think about what people wear and the colors of food and spices.

Fig Garden

I called this colorway Fig Garden. This is superwash merino and Tencel.

Mushroom hunting

This is Mushroom Hunting. Superwash merino and Tencel. Where the name came from? My friend Russel is an expert on mushrooms and he came to visit us some time ago. He goes to the Sierra Nevada to collect mushrooms to study and to eat. So, he came to visit us and brought some wonderful wild mushrooms that we ate with eggs for breakfast. That was such a treat!!!


This is 100 % feltable merino wool.  This is called mystery.


Terracotta. 100% merino wool

Split Pea

Split Pea. 100% merino wool. Tomorrow I will be adding the links to my Etsy shop for purchasing… It has been a long, long day…

My shop has been updated! If you would like to purchase the roving, please click at the pictures to go to my shop.

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Etsy shop update

A few days ago, I had to do some shopping over the hill and when I got home, oh surprise!  A box was waiting for me at my door step!

Box full of wool

I ordered some Blue Faced Leicester (new for my shop) and more Superfine Merino.  I also got  a new blend of Superwash Merino with Tencel and more Wensleydale. The weather has been great for getting my wool dry. New wool, new colors…This is what I have done so far:

Sweet dreams

SWEET DREAMS: This is Blue Face Leicester. I’m in love with this fiber! Is so fluffy! Sold!


ABALONE: Blue Face Leicester  Sold!

Urban Myth

URBAN MYTH: Blue Faced Leicester  Sold!


PAPAYA: Superfine Merino. Great for felting! Sold!


SAMBA: Superfine Merino. Sold!

I’m hoping to be able to put his on my Etsy shop today. Shop updated! you can click on the roving pictures to visit my shop…