Color Palette – Pink Agate

I’ve been playing with making color palettes from random photographs. This one ended up on a colorway that I called Pink Agate (although the more I compare the picture with the crystals I have, this looks more like a Rhodocrosite):


50/50 Merino Silk Blend

50/50 Merino Silk Blend

This is silk chiffon dyed for the feltmakers in mind.

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

They are both listed in my shop now for purchase ; )




Phat Fiber – How Does Your Garden Grow?

I got very excited about the Phat Fiber theme for this month. Each month that I get to participate I feel like it’s a good opportunity to challenge myself to come up with a new colorway, but this month I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what colors I wanted to have. This is because I recall working on this set of colors a few years ago and I liked it so much, that I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the colors again. So, here is the top dyed on a BFL/Silk base. Oh, yes, the colorway is called PAPAYA. Well, I grew up in Yucatan, and this is a fruit that I’m very familiar with. It grows almost wild everywhere in Yucatan, and we, of course, had them in our orchard. I vividly remember the Orioles, Parrots and other tropical birds feeding off the fallen fruit. When it was in season, we had it in every single imaginable way. Fresh Papaya salad, smoothies, candied, dried, with lemon and chile, ice cream. The whole town would smell like Papaya (rotten papaya). There was no way that I could escape from consuming some. Now, I don’t have to work hard to recall the smell of it.

Papaya BFL/Silk Combed Top

These are the samples before they got to be braided. They look like cinnamon rolls to me.

Papaya samples

Papaya Samples

And here are the mini braids ready to be sent.



The contributors that signed up for this month are listed on this page, and if you would like to be notified,  follow this link here to sign up. I will have the full version available in my shop  today.


New Items in my shop

I keep having fun dyeing milk fiber. And is because it takes the dyes so beautiful, the fiber is so silky and yummy!Don’t forget if you would like to see a specific listing in my shop, just click at the picture to get redirected.

Daylily. 100% Milk Protein Fiber

I Love Paris.Sold. Another pretty colorway and the blend is Mohair 63%, Nylon 12% and Merino 25%

Dawn and Dusk. Really nice rustic colorway. 100% Merino (overdyed)

Plum Caramel. Sold.100% Alpaca (overdyed)

Cameo. 100% Milk Protein Fiber.

Shop update… kind of late

I got my shop updated last week with a few new items. I was thinking that I would blog about it the day after. Well, it has been almost a week! Better later that never! The colors are deep and intense.

Esotheric - 100% Superfine Merino wool

Esoteric - 100% Superfine Merino wool


Show Girl - 100% Superfine Merino

Show Girl - 100% Superfine Merino

Show girl is sold.

As Bette Midler sings in “The showgirl must go on”:

There’s a lesson that I learned, boys
A long, long time ago
Like every girl who’s working in
The business we call show
It’s a rule I live by
And baby, so should you
If the show, it must go on
The showgirl goes on…


Galah - 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

This roving is a blend of 60% Merino and 40% Bamboo.

Les amants - 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

Les Amants - 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

I got inspired with this painting by René Magritte

Australia - 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

Australia - 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

Australia is sold. This is a rich and earthy colorway. When I saw the movie “Australia” with Nicole Kidman, I had a clear idea of what colors to use to recreate a colorway that resembles the warm and richness of this wonderful country.

My illustrious lordship, I’ll show you what a woman can do.

Artemisia Gentileschi

Shop update

New roving in my shop! And I just have my 100th sale! Yay! As a way to celebrate I’ve been thinking about a giveaway contest, but I need to get it all together before. Just keep tune!

This is Frosting and is 100% Wensleydale. If  you would like to purchase any of these, please click at the picture to get redirected to my Etsy shop

Amazonite. This is 100 % Superfine, super fluffy, super squishy Merino wool.

Fluorite. 100 % Blue Face Leicester. This fiber is just great for begginers. Really fun to spin with.

Sage. 100% Blue Face Leicester

Birth of Venus. 100 % Wensleydale wool. Sold! To my 100th costumer! She doesn’t know it yet, but she will get a little present from Beesybee.

Never regret something that once made you smile.

Amber Deckers, Ella Mental and the Good Sense Guide

Etsy shop update

A few days ago, I had to do some shopping over the hill and when I got home, oh surprise!  A box was waiting for me at my door step!

Box full of wool

I ordered some Blue Faced Leicester (new for my shop) and more Superfine Merino.  I also got  a new blend of Superwash Merino with Tencel and more Wensleydale. The weather has been great for getting my wool dry. New wool, new colors…This is what I have done so far:

Sweet dreams

SWEET DREAMS: This is Blue Face Leicester. I’m in love with this fiber! Is so fluffy! Sold!


ABALONE: Blue Face Leicester  Sold!

Urban Myth

URBAN MYTH: Blue Faced Leicester  Sold!


PAPAYA: Superfine Merino. Great for felting! Sold!


SAMBA: Superfine Merino. Sold!

I’m hoping to be able to put his on my Etsy shop today. Shop updated! you can click on the roving pictures to visit my shop…