BeesyBee Fibers Wherabouts

Fall is here again and Mimi Luebberman is hosting once again her Fiber Fest! Please mark your calendar. I think this makes it the Forth Annual Fiber Fest! I will be doing a small felting demo at 1:30 pm. Bring your spinning wheel or something to knit if you wish. Is always nice to have a spinning circle there.

Forth Annual

I spent last weekend vending at the Dixon Fiber Festival.

It was hot, hot, hot. I guess I’m getting used to the cool weather of the coast. I was glad that the AC was on all the time, so it wasn’t bad at all. Well, except when it was time to go home. We drove with the sun blasting in front of us most of the way back and my old beat up truck doesn’t provide anything else other that move my precious body from one place to another without any of the amenities that newer cars can provide. Little price to pay for having so much fun. What do you think about this guy?

Rainbow Mohair

I got to see my first Teeswater ram. I was surprised at how big they are. It’s such a beautiful sheep. It was nice to meet Natalie Redding of Namaste Farm and of course I had to get some of her colorful wool that she had for sale. It will be eventually mixed with some angora that I purchased from the booth across from her.

Teeswater Sheep

Now I have to get ready for Mimi’s Fair and I hope that the sunshine stays put this week. See you later!!


It was a hot day!

I’m back from Chileno Valley. Even though I was a bit anxious about the whole thing, everything went really well. For some reason, I never felt that I finished all the things that needed to get done before I left home. Oh well, I had this commitment and I had to leave with what I had already. My booth could have won the award for the most boring display in the event.

My booth

When the visitors start arriving and start walking around our booths, I began to chilled out. The farm look so beautiful with all the fiber displayed all around.

Charmaine's booth

It was nice to see several spinners bring their wheels and spin the whole time the event took place.



As soon as Mike the Baker arrived, the whole place started to smell of fresh baked bread and pizza.


His gourmet brick oven pizzas where such a succes!  While I was waiting for my pizza, he told me that all of his ingredients are local and a lot of the vegetables are grown in his own garden.

It was nice to meet some people from Ravelry and Etsy. Rebeca Burgess spent the day with us and we got to talk to her about her work with natural dyes.

Mimi's booth

In spite of the hot weather fiber enthusiasts were buying wool and yarn! We even had knitters bringing their projects and work there.


When it was time to do my felting demonstration,  all my fears went away. It was nice to be around friends that came to see me, so I felt pretty confident. During all this time that I’ve been working with fibers, I have learned that fiber people are wonderful and very supportive. At the end of the day, when everybody was gone, Mimi invited us to jump into her swimming pool to cool of a little bit and chat about the event. At the end we all had a blast. I would like to thank everybody who took part on making the event a success. All of you who visited and bought our fibers in a hot day like it was. Thank you, thank you!

Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

~Hans Christian Anderson