Art by the Water – Recapitulation

We did it again! Our Second “Art by the Water” event was a success once again. The food cooked by my friend Mirta was as always, delicious. She made mole negro with chocolate sauce. Yum! And my friends and I had a great time hanging out together and with our visitors. I got to “unveiled” my latest felt work, which is always fun explaining people about the process. Thanks everyone (patrons and artists) for making this event every year more and more fun and for all your help. And now, it’s picture time…

Pauline's Soap

Pauline's Soap


Felting by Patricia

Knits by Erica and Gina


Quilt by Erica

Hat rack

Hats by Patricia

Face creams by Lee

Yarn by Charmaine

Knits by Barbara

Our favorite visitor




My first solo exhibition

It has been a journey for the last couple months trying to get my pieces ready for my exhibition at the Bolinas Museum. I still need to finish a few bundles, but the hard work is finally done. I was happy to see my pieces mounted on the canvas frames. They changed from pieces of felted cloth to pieces of artwork almost immediately and now it looks like a collection ready to be hung at the Museum.

I was freaking a little after realizing that my deadline was getting closer, but I just took a deep breath and started from the beginning (of course).

The opening will be on May 4th from 3 to 5 pm and the exhibition will be held until June 23rd.



My last show of the year

Art by the water

Holiday Craft Fair

I wanted to do one more show this year, but I didn’t feel like driving anywhere and get into the frenzy of getting ready for one more craft show (don’t get me wrong, because I like doing craft fairs), but wanted to do something special and what a better way to do it surrounded by my friends who share the same interests when it comes to crafts, food and community. So my last show will be held here at home. If you feel like driving to Bolinas, my doors will be open and I will have a booth set up with my fiber and finished garments. It will be sort of an open studio, except that I will be joined by my friends with their own booths selling their hand made crafts. If you feel hungry, my friend Mirta will be offering her delicious Mexican food, so come and support handmade!


If you need directions you please use this link. 

Please feel free to bring your spinning wheel or spindle if you feel like. There is a nice size deck where we can accommodate spinners if the weather permits.


Gina Alexander – Hand spun yarn, baby items

Charmaine Krieger – Hand spun yarn, hand knitted accessories

Erica Hawley – Baby items

Karen Dibblee – Jewelry Artist

Alejandra Bryant – Jewelry

Marlie de Swart – Fiber Arts

Patricia Briceño – Beesybee Fibers and jewelry

Linda Samuels – Beaded Jewelry

Sophie Webb – Prints, books, original paintings

Mirta Guzman- Food and drinks

I hope you can make it, we will be there rain or shine,


Mother’s Day in Bolinas

I just wanted to share a few pics that I took at the Bolinas Museum celebrating Mother’s Day with a Mexican touch. Mirta cooked the delicious food and the did paper cutting (which I was fascinated with) and I’m sure Elia with her magic wand converted the place into a colorful and magical space for celebration.

La Fiesta

Tamales Calientes




Jicama y Sandia

Sombras (shadows)


Papel Picado

De Colores

Among colorful Shadows

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

~Rumi quote

Nothing Special

I spent the whole weekend working at the collective at Coastal Artisans. Nothing really out of the ordinary in my life. But I have some pictures to share, some small nature wonders:

lupinesThe lupines are at their peek this weekend!


I love this spot where the Golfields are at Mountain Tamalpais where my husband and I go from time to time.

Lady BugA Lady Bug

bananaslugA Banana Slug that I found in Inverness.

Sea WheedSeaweed.


And this is Poetry, a street dog here in Bolinas who likes to hung out in very unusual places like the top of a phone booth, or anything high enough where he can oversee what’s happening in town.

Roving update and a funny gull story

I’m updating my Etsy store with new Merino/Bamboo roving. The colors are beautiful and the roving is really soft.

merino/bamboo roving

The first to show is Eastern Egg Hunt and is a blend of 60% merino and 40% bamboo.

Eastern Egg Hunting

Pinwheel. Same blend of Merino/Bamboo


Purple Trance. Merino/Bamboo blend.

Purple Trance

Salt marsh. Merino/Bamboo blend

Salt marshCoral Reef. Merino/Bamboo blend

Coral ReefNow, here is my gull story:

This morning I had my wool outside and all my camera setting, when I saw a gull very curious watching me.

Snoopy gull

Eventually, the gull got closer, and closer…

Snoopy gull


I had to go inside the kitchen for some tape I needed to fasten my background to the table and ZASS! The gull takes off with one of my beautiful roving! I just couldn’t believed it! That sucker! It took me a while to react. Should I be mad or laugh?  I couldn’t but laugh. Keith says that they make their nests with seaweed. Well this little sucker will luxuriate in a bed of bamboo and supersoft merino roving.