My first solo exhibition

It has been a journey for the last couple months trying to get my pieces ready for my exhibition at the Bolinas Museum. I still need to finish a few bundles, but the hard work is finally done. I was happy to see my pieces mounted on the canvas frames. They changed from pieces of felted cloth to pieces of artwork almost immediately and now it looks like a collection ready to be hung at the Museum.

I was freaking a little after realizing that my deadline was getting closer, but I just took a deep breath and started from the beginning (of course).

The opening will be on May 4th from 3 to 5 pm and the exhibition will be held until June 23rd.



Natural foot prints.

This was a fun experiment. I finished this piece a few days ago, but I’ve been collecting the leaves since last summer. Lately, when I go to my friends house I observe their gardens and neighborhoods in a different way. I try to spot plants that can be used for dyeing. I just discovered a nice ginkgo tree in Point Reyes near the Creamery and I think I can get nice prints with the leaves and using iron as a mordant.

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I finished my piece on time getting it submitted for an exhibition at the Bolinas Museum for their Annual Miniature Show, but I wish I had more time to let the bundles cure a little longer, and get more defined prints of the leaves onto the felted fabric. The maple leaves left a nice imprint, but surprisingly not with the eucalyptus, although I’ve been thinking that it depends of the porosity of the fabric.

I would like to try next time with cotton and see what kind of prints I can get.

In the next few days I will posting an invitation for a Christmas Holiday Party that my friends and I will be hosting here at my house. Each of them will have a booth, offering their hand-made goods for sale. I’m so excited, because my friend Sophie Webb which wrote and illustrated the book “Far From Shore”  with great reviews by the NY Times, will be join us to sell her art work, prints and books, so please, stay tuned.

Mother’s Day in Bolinas

I just wanted to share a few pics that I took at the Bolinas Museum celebrating Mother’s Day with a Mexican touch. Mirta cooked the delicious food and the did paper cutting (which I was fascinated with) and I’m sure Elia with her magic wand converted the place into a colorful and magical space for celebration.

La Fiesta

Tamales Calientes




Jicama y Sandia

Sombras (shadows)


Papel Picado

De Colores

Among colorful Shadows

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

~Rumi quote

Spinning out of control

Well, for the past month I’ve been spinning like a mad woman. I was getting ready for the show “Spinning out of control”  at the Bolinas Museum. 8 West Marin spinners and myself will be showing at the museum from December 13 to the 28th.


If you are in the area, come by to see the exhibition.

I will post later my yarns that I have at the show.