Doors and windows

Little by little I will be sharing pictures of my trip. This collection of door’s pictures was taken in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. With camera in hand, I left our hotel one afternoon with the intention of capturing the vast array of doorways and windows all decorated in different styles and colors.  I just couldn’t pass the opportunity of  taking back with me the images of this special place. People here don’t seem to skimp on the use of paint.

Well, this one doesn’t have much paint, but I think it is very charming.

Finally back again

Happy to be back. The trip went really well. Since we cover so much territory in Oaxaca and Chiapas, lot of driving was involved. We were lucky that we had Nicolas and Jesus (two local and wonderful guides) driving us on the first part of the trip. Keith, who was leading a tour with 12 more people as participants, had a great time looking at birds on beautiful places like Valle Nacional in Oaxaca, Puerto Angel in the coast of Oaxaca, and San Jose del Pacifico, a beautiful small community in the Oaxacan highlands.

Our first day of our trip involved airports. We had to spend about 7 hrs. at the airport in Mexico city. One of those flights where nobody knows where the plane is taking off. The airport is huge with long walkways to get from point A to point B. After we landed and got off the plane, we didn’t know where to turn, we were very tired, since we had to get up very early that morning to drive to the SFO airport for our early flight. We knew that we had to wait many hours before our next flight to Oaxaca takes off, so the next thing we needed was a place to sit and rest. We walked and we didn’t find anything available. We realized that the airport doesn’t have many seats available for people to rest. The only seats available were at the restaurants, of course! We got it. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. They prompt people this way to go to restaurants and consume. So we did too. The food was mediocre and expensive, but at least we were able to spend about three hours there until the waitress start to ask us if we needed anything else. We then decided to move on and go through security check. We still didn’t know where to catch our next flight. All we knew was  that our plane was going to be delayed about an hour. I was able to connect with some folks that were going to take the same flight, so we stick to them like ticks. Finally, 15 minutes before our departure, we heard the gate number  we needed to be and we ran, because as I said, the airport is huge. We still had to wait about 45 m. before our departure, but we did it!

When we finally got to Oaxaca we got a taxi to get to our hotel, which was located close to down town. I felt suddenly revived and told Keith that I wanted to go out right away. We walked to the zocalo and the place was totally alive at about 8:30 pm with vendors of balloons, food, corn in the cob, and live marimbas music. We had dinner at one of the outdoor cafes. I ordered a margarita right away.

These pictures were taken the day after our arrival, but I saw the same sort of vendors at night too.

I noticed that kids were eating this candy, and I wanted to know what it was and I discovered that they were apples covered with caramel and chilly powder. They seemed very appealing to me, but I didn’t dare to get sick right away.

The trip so far promised to be at least full of color and discoveries… I was very excited and happy to be there! The time that I spent at the airport was already forgotten…

To be continued…

Among individuals as among nations, the respect to other peoples rights is peace.

~Benito Juarez. Mexican President born in Oaxaca of Zapotec origins.

The Omo People

Wow! I had to post this video. The human creativity is just endless and amazing.  And what a lovely way of manifesting it. It brings me memories of my travels to the Panama border with Colombia several years ago, in a small gap called the Darien where I visited the Wounnan tribe. The Darien gap is so thick that is literally impossible to cross it over.  I know of several failed expeditions because the place is extremely dangerous;  there are not trails, lots of swamps,  guerrillas, drug traffickers, kidnappers, and not to mention the dangerous snakes among other dangers. Keith and I thought that if we ever got kidnap there, at least we knew that 95% of the kidnapped people usually get released safely! We got there by boat, and as soon as we got to land, we got to be welcomed by beautiful striking people. The first thing to notice is how they paint their bodies. They use the Tagua fruit that produces a black juice that stains, and the indians use them to make elaborated tatoos on their bodies. They also like to use flowers to make headdresses. The children usually have tattoos with lizards, birds and snakes. We got out of the place safe, and the experience was incredible. The jungle was so luscious and wonderful and Keith got to see the bird that he wanted to see.

I’m very inspired by this video. I hope my wool arrives today, because I can’t wait to get back to my dye pots!

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
A wise man does not need advice and a fool won’t take it.

Mount Tamalpais

Earlier this week my dear friends Charlotte, Elia and me, went for a hiking at Mountain Tamalpais. We couldn’t planned better. The morning was just wonderful. I don’t do very well with the cold wind, but that morning was perfect. Mt. Tamalpais

So we sat, and had a picnic breakfast  in front of a magnificent view. Charlotte made an egg salad and some bread. I swear, I was the best egg salad I ever had before.

Mt. Tamalpais

The sun gently welcome us with a nice warm greeting in our backs. We didn’t want to get up and continue with our hiking! We realized that was ok to just sit and enjoy the moment…

Stinson Beach view

We will go back again when the lupines start blooming. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures…

Mt. Tamalpais

Concord, MA

DH and I spent the weekend in Concord visiting friends. It was a really treat. Friday morning, we got up early and headed towards downtown. We spent the day playing tourist taking pictures, and checking every single store. Temperature: about 26 ℉. Big deal for me. I grew up in the tropics!

Concord, MA

And as I said, we visited really cute stores:

There is so much history in this place that is difficult to see everything in one day! I wish I had time to visit museums and the houses of famous writers like Louisa M. Alcott whose books I read when I was about 12 years old.

The next day we head towards the coast to the town of Rockport and have lunch there. Rockport is a picturesque small town in the Atlantic with shops, galleries and restaurants.  This building is one of the most painted and photographed subjects in this town.Rockport, MA

Fun to just walk around…

Rockport shopping st.

Interesting doors and windows…


And icicles…

Icicles in the town of Rockport, MA

Icicles in the town of Rockport, MA

Me again, having a good time…

We came back home on Sunday night. I hope to go back again, maybe next summer…