It is a reality now. Next week I will be on the land of the Inca Empire, Vicuñas and wonderful textiles. I will be visiting Peru with my friend Amelia. Two weeks of pure discovery. I can’t believe the bunch of things that I have to do before I leave. Suddenly I have sale taxes to pay, bookkeeping to do, and the list goes on and on, and for some reason, it is becoming a bit overwhelming.  I’ve been feeling a bit unfocused and distracted. On the other hand I’ve been finding refuge in my knitting and spinning. I finished my “Margaritas” scarf and I’m very happy with the results. I might start another one in a different color…Mmmmhhh, maybe something like Charcoal will look good with the same design.

I started another project that I had in mind for quite a while, but other projects always step in front and I keep forgetting about it. And to be honest with, I was a bit intimidated too.

The stitch pattern might be an old Shetland lace pattern, and I took it from the book “Knitting Lace” by Susanna E. Lewis. I love when authors go an extra mile to include diagrams which makes it so easy to follow. After repeating the stitch pattern a few times, the lace design starts to unfold and show its real beauty. But before… after casting on and working with the yarn overs, I was on cloud nine until I got my first “P2tog, then sl 1 st kwise. Return both sts to L ndl, psso, return Rt ndl”. Whhhhhaaaat? Is this one stitch? Oh, gosh, I felt that this was going to slow me down a lot, I even started looking for an easier stitch to make, but being the stubborn gal that I am, I stuck with it. Actually…It is very easy and after a while I stopped thinking about it.

I was hoping to take it with me to Peru and knit on the airplane, but the policies of the Airline Company won’t allow me to to do it. Bummer!

My project will have to wait for me at home…

Finally I finished spinning all the Yak that I had in my basket. It has been a year since I bough it and start spinning it. I have mention in the past that this fiber spins sooooooo slow. Two weeks ago, before the Tour de Fleece started I made up my mind to be done with it. I have two spools that I will ply when I come back.

I can’t wait to ply them. I already have two skeins and they turned out beautiful. At the end I realized… you know what? It is worth the effort…

Ideas shape the course of history.

John Maynard Keynes

Crocheting a scarf

This is what happens when you want to make doilies, but you don’t know what to do with them. Well, make several of them, put them all together and make a scarf!

The yarn comes from Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud Lace Yarn in Tide Pool Heather color which is deliciously soft. Although is taking more time that I was planning, I’m enjoying crocheting with this  yarn.

The lateral spaces where the two doilies join will be eventually filled with chain loops, this way it won’t like “joined doilies”.  The yarn is perfect for this project, because it is very light and warm. The pattern is called “Margaritas” which means in English “Sunflowers”  and I got it from an old crochet magazine the I bough in Mexico a few years ago. I hope to finish this scarf this week and take more pictures of the finished project, but I’m suspecting that the finishing will take longer, because I will have to crochet all around the edges of the scarf to create the loops. We’ll see what happens.

Ok, I think this quote is really funny,

“I try to be modest at all times, and that’s what makes me better than everyone else.”

~Julian Barry