Art on the Water – Third Annual

Art on the Water – Third Annual

Hi there!

I’ve been getting ready for my last fair of the year. I can’t believe this is our third year!


It’s just getting better and better. We have a great group of artists coming to share and sell their crafts. This year Sha Sha Higby will be join us with her interesting art work. If you haven’t see her work before, please check her website. It’s pretty interesting. Here is a “small sample” of what she is about:

The fair will be held the same day as the Bolinas Craft Fair, so, if you live near by you can visit both fairs the same day and meet interesting people. There is also a great exhibition at the Bolinas Gallery going on. Plenty to see here in Bolinas. Oh, yes… Very important. We will have delicious Mexican food that my friend Jose will be cooking and offering for sale for those that are hungry.

See you soon!


My first solo exhibition

It has been a journey for the last couple months trying to get my pieces ready for my exhibition at the Bolinas Museum. I still need to finish a few bundles, but the hard work is finally done. I was happy to see my pieces mounted on the canvas frames. They changed from pieces of felted cloth to pieces of artwork almost immediately and now it looks like a collection ready to be hung at the Museum.

I was freaking a little after realizing that my deadline was getting closer, but I just took a deep breath and started from the beginning (of course).

The opening will be on May 4th from 3 to 5 pm and the exhibition will be held until June 23rd.