Sleeping Beauty, not a Tale, but a Wrap

I’ve been on a felting roll lately (that’s my husband’s words). I was having a bit of a hard time working on the floor, because it kills my back, but I figured that by pausing from time to time to do a few stretches in between, I can still feel pretty good the next day after working on a large piece.

One of the benefits of selling wool is that I get to try them all on my own work. In particular, this blend was designed with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in mind. The mines are located in Arizona by the way.

I had dyed a few yards of pongee silk a few years ago, that until a few days ago, I couldn’t decide how to use it. It was one of those things that suddenly enters my mind and then the next moment, I find I’m immersed into a project with a solid idea of what I want to do. I like that!

To recreate the effect of the matrix that runs through some turquoise stones, I added thin lines of Bamboo Topaz. It also makes a nice contrast against the blue.

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