I finished a couple of new vests the weekend before last. I decided to work with some of the beautiful fabric that I was gifted a few years ago by Teri Jo Summer. It was interesting to observe how the felting transforms the prints and colors. They became more intense and defined. I really like the patchwork effect. The finished fabric also has a nice handle.

Felted Vest detal Felted Vest back detail

This is the second vest that I made.

Fuschia Vest Front

Fuschia Vest front detail

Fuschia Vest back

I used some thick fabric that I think is wool, and consequently I had a hard time getting the fabric felted into the project, and at the end  I decided to add a few stitches to keep it in place. I will be experimenting more with this technique.


One thought on “Vests

  1. Wow!!! vest #2 is so beautiful. You nailed this one! Vest 1 is also nice, but somehow it looks too old for me. I mean the color combination is more on the note of …for people with more experience. Vest 2 is for yuppies. Well that is just my thought.


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