On the needles

This “little” project has been on my needles for a while. Way too long. My intention is to make a knitted shrug in a circle. It sounds simple, right? That’s what I thought. That this project would be a no brainer. This is my third try so far. I’ve been trying to do a flat circle with not much luck at the beginning. I either made a concave shape out of it, or it started to grow with ruffles all around, meaning that, I wasn’t increasing enough to keep the circle flat, or working too many increases. I almost finished the project the first time but it didn’t look right, so I decided to unraveled and start again. The second time it was beginning to look like a bowl again. 😦 Unraveled. Started once again. This time it seems that the circle is flat. No bowls, no ruffles. Third time’s the charm and now, I’m happy knitting away.

Circular Shrug

Circular Shrug progress

Circular Shrug progress

The yarn comes from a local source. The sheep was raised here in Bolinas and the wool I believe was processed near Davis at the Yolo Wool Mill. The color has a dark brown shade that doesn’t show in the pictures.


I finally got hold of some Vodka to soak my Osage Orange to extract the color. I’m using this method that I found here. Next time I will try with madder roots.

Osage Orange soaking.

Have you seen Christopher Walken knitting? Ha! Funny!



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