The unexpected

I have to admit it… I always get a little giddy before opening my bundles.

Eco dyed

Eco dyed bundles

Eco dyed bundles

As I never know what to expect. That sensation of a little bit of a rush before the unfolding.

Eco printing

Eco printing

Eco printing

Eco printing

My next class with Irit Dulman is “just around the corner” as she said. I can’t wait for January to arrive!


4 thoughts on “The unexpected

  1. I agree. Opening the bundles is more exciting than opening Christmas presents! You never know what to expect and what you get is always a surprise and a delight! I’m afraid I am a bit obsessed with the whole experience. Sorry I can’t make it to Irit’s upcoming workshop. Hopefully will be doing one with her this summer.


    • Even my husband gets excited about opening the bundles. I know he is inside wishing he can open one, so I let him open one.
      I wish you was join the workshop too. But if you get to take it, you are going to love it.


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