English Angora Wool! This has been my new fiber discovery. I purchased the fiber at the Dixon Fair while I was vending there, but didn’t pay much attention to the label. Later on, I discovered that the wool comes from Betty Chu who is a well known English Angora breeder. A few months ago, somebody posted a picture of her on FB posing with one of her English Angora Rabbits, the name immediately rang a bell. I checked the label on the plastic bag that contained the wool and it turned out that it was from the same Betty Chu. I decided to spin a chunky yarn and plied it with a pink silk thread. I didn’t find it too difficult to spin but like any new fiber, it takes a little practice to get used to managing the slippery hair. While taking off the finished yarn from the knitty knotty it was very  noticeable to see and feel the drape and the softness right away. It is OMG so soft! I can see a luxurious cowl made with this yarn. Now to the pictures…

English Angora in my bobbin

English Angora in my Knitty Knotty

English Angora in my Knitty Knotty

English Angora yarn

English Angora yarn

English Angora yarn

I want to spin more of this fiber and I don’t know if I want to wait until next year to get more…

P.S. I ended up knitting a beanie, but I didn’t have a chance to take a picture before heading to Black Mountain Weavers to sale it. Nonetheless, the hat is yummy soft.

English: This is a Ruby-eyed White English Angora

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