TDF 2013 – Day 8 and 9

I finished my skein on Saturday, but not time for pictures. Weekends tends to be a little busier than normal. But I made time to spin for about an hour in order to be able to ply my yarn. I was to the point that I really needed to move on with this. Love the colors though.

TDF - Day 8

On Sunday, I started spinning some leftover Falkland from my Phat Fiber Samples contribution for July. This is my Abalone colorway. The wool has a nice grip, so I find it very useful for practicing my long draw spinning. I finished the first bobbin and tomorrow I will try to finish the second bobbin. That’s the plan so far. Today is a day of rest, so no spinning for me.

TDF Day 9


2 thoughts on “TDF 2013 – Day 8 and 9

  1. I’m not a knitter or spinner, but a quilter. Like y’all, I love anything fiber. I just f ounce you and love your pictures and travels. I grew up in Novato, so I’m reliving my first 20 yrs through your gorgeous Bolinas, Petaluma, etc pics. Thanks and keep up the beautiful work. Beth, SC and homesick


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