Going up North

Yesterday was shearing day at Wyammy Ranch and just on the spur of the moment I decided to go to Occidental to buy some Wensleydale fleeces. With a beautiful day like yesterday it wasn’t very hard to decide. Driving through Hwy 1 is always fun anyway.




The redwoods also have its own beauty.


I got there right after the shearing was done, so I had plenty of time to choose my fleeces.

JoAnn Barn

This is like going to a candy store for me. It’s always hard to choose since each fleece is different from each other, with its special characteristics and variations that makes them unique, but I was decided to shop this time for white wool.


This is JoAnn felting machine. I wish I had one. This is like a big sander with a couple of plates that rub each other to create friction. I could make huge projects with a machine like this.

Felting Machine

JoAnn View

What a view!


I came back home with a couple fleeces and one is already washed and under the sun getting dry.




Romney Girls


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