Navajo Ply goes wild…

I’ve been very inspired with Navajo plying lately and I’m finding that the possibilities are endless. The whole process is really fun. It can be a little bit daunting, and this is because you have to build your dexterity before you are happy with the results, but once you get the hang out of it,  it can be easy and fun to use this plying technique, and it gives you a lot of room for creativity. The first time I tried it I got all tangled up with the loops, and my chains were showing too much. I wasn’t fast enough at grabbing the next section of yarn to be plied, and at the same time, I wasn’t holding the plied section properly to control the twist. After all, I only have two hands! Well, a few attempts later, I started to see the results. Here is some yarn that I spun with a some CVM roving that Yolo Mill processed it for me.



 Navajo Ply

Aran Weight

10 wpi

Of course, once you learn the rules, you are allowed to break them. Here is Navajo ply gone wild:

The wpi is 1 to 1.5.

Here is another yarn that I made with some Merino I got from Yarnival:

I can’t wait to try these yarns on some weaving or crocheting. This stuff is addictive! I just want to try more with different fibers and textures. The ideas are pouring!

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