A Made-Well Drum Carder

This beauty is living with me now…

I got this vintage drum carder from a woman in Healdsburg and it belonged to her mother. She had a “For Sale” sign with a picture at a fiber fair where I was vending, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention at that time. Days passed and I commented about the drum carder to DH and being the enabler that he is, asked me my why I don’t buy it. Believe me, he didn’t have to twist my arm to do it. I called the woman and she told me that I was the first person asking for information. I had to wait a few days before I could drive and see the drum carder, but she called me a few days before our meeting to ask if I still wanted it, because se was getting lots of calls requesting information. Finally I was able to drive to Healdsburg and when I first had it in front of my eyes, I fell immediately in love with it.

It shows signs that it has been well used, but it is in great shape, it works wonderfully and it has a beautiful old patina that only time can give. I’ve been doing a little bit of online research and I found from a couple of Blogs that it was made in Manitoba by a company that is no longer in existence. The company belonged to John Weselowski that eventually became the Made-Well Manufacturing Company.  So, here you have it… This is a Made-Well Drum Carder.

Isn’t she a beauty? As you can guess I didn’t wait long before I tested it and I made a couple batts. I can only get 1.3 oz batts so far, but it does a great job at carding all sort of fibers so far.

I will keep looking for information, but nonetheless, I’m very happy with this little jewel.

15 thoughts on “A Made-Well Drum Carder

  1. I wished myself luck and bought an ancient carder from Canada. The belt is an old leather…a little stretched….so my boyfriend found someone who copied it, and got it working. It’s just my favorite thing EVER! But your pics reminded me of mine. We will give them lots more hours 🙂


  2. Can you tell me how much you paid for it? Or if you were to sell it, how much would you ask for it? I’m doing some research for a family dealing with their mother’s estate as none of them are fiber artists like she was and none are interested in keeping her fiber processing equipment. She had this same carder by Make Well Mfg. Co. but we haven’t found any markings indicating what year it was made. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  3. Hello! Just last week a friend gifted me with this same carder. I’m excited to use it as it looks like it would be for COURSE carding while the one I bought at a local auction 2 weeks ago is for FINE carding – a nice balance I felt. Now my Question is would anyone know where I could purchase a new small feeder drum with cloth? This carder looks like new but fo some reason dozens of the teeth or needles on the feeder drum are twisted at all angles and actually feel loose. I know this carder has only been used for the batts to fill a few quilts. Josee you mention having one in your Mom’s estate? I’m in BC Canada, wondering where you might be? Kindly, Jean


    • Hi Jean,
      No, not mine but a friend’s estate. Her daughter had reached out to me for help since she knew I was a spinner and could find out the value of the tools my friend left behind. One of the things I found out was that Pat Greene used the plans for this particular carder for their own models. You could reach out to them and see if they can help you with that. Does the drum itself need repairing or only the cloth? If it’s just the carding cloth, there are a few places that can sell you the size and tpi you need. Hope that helps you.


      • Hi Josee,
        thanks so much for yours. I’ll definitely contact Pat Greene and they’re close by too. The drum would be fine, just the cloth will need replaced so a few options. Good suggestions Josee. Night now, Jean.


  4. I just HAD to comment! I just procured a Made-Well drum carder in excellent original condition! $250.31 with shipping, YAY! I also needed to add that the “Patrick Green” drum carder is based on the Made-Well design. How cool is that? I know, for me, the Patrick Green drum carder is out of my price range and is something I drool over!


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