Yeah, it’s me again. Do you remember me? I used to be more frequent with my posts here, but it seems that I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I’ve been spinning, felting (which brings me so much joy), a little bit of traveling, and just having a good time since I decided to quit (how do I put this nicely) an old job I had before,  and now I have more time. Yes… I have more time on my hands (and not posting anything here, uh?). I’ve been finding a little difficult to re-structure my day and my week. But I’m sure I will manage just fine. Good thing I did it in the middle of winter, so I can find an easy escape for my excuses and stay home on rainy and cold days like today. My studio happens to be about a mile and a half from my house and is where all the dyeing process happens. The place can be cold especially during the winter, because there is not insulation, and unless there is a little bit of sunshine, I freeze my ass out there, so going on a rainy day can be a little overwhelming for me right now. I’d rather stay at home and knit, spin or work on my felting. Still plenty to do here. Knitting is another of my favorite activities I love, and I HAVE to find the right place and space to do it since I used to knit while I was tending the shop (my old job) and never knitted at home before. So that needs to be re-structured too.

I’ve been trying to knit this hoodie with a cable pattern that I found in the “The Encyclopedia of Knitting” by Stanfield & Griffits and I’ve been enjoying knitting without a cable needle. It seems that it goes way much faster than using an extra needle that gets tangled between my clumsy hands, but I have to be really quick to catch the loose stitches before they disappear before my eyes. I also found on Etsy this useful magnetic bookmark that I can place right below the row I’m working on, that way my eyes go where my knitting is happening without getting lost and cross eyed. Brilliant idea! Well, I get a bit excited because I’ve never seen this clever idea before.

I just finished spinning a pretty batt I got from a trade I did with Lanitium Exmachina. The batt was carded with Masham, Camel, Tencel, Alpaca and so much more! Nea really packs her batts with so much yummy fiber.

I also got from Nea some Polwarth which I’ve never spun before in the form of fleece. This is really soft and clean, and the picture doesn’t do any justice to the actual fiber.

I still haven’t decided if I want to spin it from the lock or having it carded into a batt. We’ll see.

The days are getting longer, and hopefully I will be able to have full days again at my studio like before. But for now, I’m here happily enjoying winter wrapped in a warm cocoon. Well, I get out once in a while too.

Tomorrow happens to be Valentine’s day, so have a HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!

2 thoughts on “Gee!

  1. Oh Patricia I’m a bit in the same place as you at the moment. I haven’t blogged since Christmas. I’ve been very busy sorting things around here and I hope to be back online in the next week or so. I totally get about structuring your day it’s always a delicate balance. Our days are currently getting shorter and our summer was totally lousy (suits fiber lover me.) Aussie’s in general whine about the lack of, not I though.
    Glad your back, your projects all look beautiful and I LOVED your nano felt photos on FB 😀


  2. Love reading your blogs Patricia, they are so beautiful and colorful, and sometimes funny/amusing. They are also full of wisdom and love.
    All the best to you from Australia, 🙂


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