Great weather at the Craft Fair

The weather was in fact wonderful! Whew! I was nervous about having a rainy and cold day, but the day was sunny with a nice warmth during the day and afternoon. We received visitors of all ages and from all over the Bay Area. One of the most fun aspects of doing these fairs is meeting people that support handmade, but not necessarily know much about fiber, so they come up with the most interesting questions.

I really love these ceramic coffee mugs made by Dana Hooper.

Ceramic bowls by Marlie DeSwart

I have one more show to go. The next show will be held in San Francisco at the Bazaar Bizarre at the Concourse Exhibition Center. More info to come…

And the quote of the day:

3 thoughts on “Great weather at the Craft Fair

  1. Those photos of all the handknits just made my heart flutter. Lovely!
    I am slowly {a true beginner} spinning my fiber that I purchased from your Etsy shop. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I’m not sure what it will end up as but the yarn is coming out so very beauitful. Thank you,


  2. lol.. I love the quote of the day 😀 ..that Julia is one-smart-woman !

    I love handmade fairs they are wonderfully inspiring and full of interesting stuff. Yours looked like a colourful affair, such beautiful things.


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