Spinning at the Farm

  What a pleasure it was to meet my friends to do nothing but spin and talk about fibers for the whole day. We met at Windrush Farm on Wednesday morning and set our spinning wheels near the swimming pool. It was a great way to enjoy one of the lasts day of summer. The day was warm and beautiful, so we made sure that we had plenty of drinks near by.

This looked very promising…

Mimi has yarn hanging just about anywhere you look… Not that is unfamiliar to me.

Yes… Spinners also have to eat like the rest of the world…

My friend Mimi…

Oh, yes… we got to spin some yarn…

And feed the animals…

This fellow seemed a bit mischievous to me.

Getting ready for dinner.

I was able to spin a couple skeins of Suri Alpaca.

And got to see how Mimi and Charmaine prepare an Indigo vat.

Looking forward to our next meeting…

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