Enchanted Forest

I want to share a few pictures of my samples for next month. I’m excited because I haven’t been contributing to the Phat Fiber Box for the past two months and also because I’m sending samples of my Teeswater Combed Top which is a new fiber in my shop.

Spinning Teeswater is like spinning Wensleydale. The staple length is usually about 6 to 7 inches long for the combed top, as for the locks, they measure between 10 to 12 inches long and sometimes even longer than that. The top has a softer handle than Wensleydale, and much similar to the silkiness of Mohair.

And so, the theme for the month of September will be  “Enchanted Forest” and the name of my colorway is “Forest Path”. I tried to recreate the colors of the Douglas Fir and Redwoods that grow around my area up in the mountains.

If you don’t know how to get hold of a box, you can sign up here: Phat Fiber Box, and you will be notified when the boxes will go on sale. If you don’t know about the boxes and you would like more information, go here: Phat Fiber Samples

4 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest

  1. I’m
    looking for local Wensleydale fleece or wool in chocolate brown for a sweater I’m knitting . Can you help me find some? I live in Marin near Pt. Reyes.
    Marnie 662 1050


  2. Hi Marnie,
    There are a couple places where you can find Wensleydale locally. The first is
    Starbuck Station Wools
    Martha McMurray
    707 823 2095
    She has white and colored Wensleydale cross, Lincoln x Cormo

    And then there is Wyammy Ranch
    JoAnn Slissman
    707 874 3374
    and she has Romney and Wensleydale (white and colored)

    I have only bought fleece from JoAnn, but I have seen Martha’s wool and is equally wonderful. Good look!


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