This and that

Is funny, I have a lot to share and I just don’t know how to start. How about with some pictures of my roses.

I never get enough of them.

And this is how 1,500 yards of hand spun yarn looks like:

This is a custom order for a client in Texas. I finally mailed it yesterday and I’m praying that she would like it as much as I do. The fiber was wonderful to work with. Polwarth has that “je ne se quoi” difficult to describe. It has a softness similar to merino, but seems to be design to withstand tougher wear. Polwarth is a cross of 75 percent Saxon Merino and 25 percent Lincoln. The breed comes from Victoria, Australia and it was developed about 100 years ago.

I have to be very careful when I handle wet warm Polwarth roving, because it tends to felt easily, however, I haven’t done any nuno felting with it. Maybe my next felting project will be with Polwarth.

Finally I would like to share a little video that I made with some still photos of the Tug of War that happens every year in my town. Enjoy it…

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. This Polworth is stunning and the colour equally stunning, I too hope the recipient liked it too, what’s not to like about it… ahaha
    Your blog is very pretty and I love the felting too… all beautifully photographed and made.


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