Hello! Yes, I’m still here! : )

I’ve been busy trying to juggle with projects and life. My felting has been put to rest for a while, however, I had a small show at the Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes last month, where I was able to show some of my scarves.

I’m still thinking about the theme and the whole concept of the show, but I’m allowing it to take shape by itself. Does it sound too loose? I know it will manifest into something fun and wonderful.

Meanwhile I’ve been washing and preparing fleeces that will be also on display.

This fleece is incredible and soft and came from Sarah Kate Fibers on Etsy. She sends her fleeces well skirted with almost no vm at all. I think her sheep sleeps on a feather bed.

And this beautiful Corridale fleece came from Emily in Michigan. The fleece is really soft and clean as well. How can they keep these creatures so clean?

I have another of her fleeces that is waiting for a nice bath.

I think this will keep me busy for a while…

2 thoughts on “Hello! Yes, I’m still here! : )

  1. Hi, I just found your product through another blog and I really liked the Water Nymph color–it is beautiful. I don’t spin and wanted to know if you have this colorway (Water Nymph) in yarn. I would love to buy some yarn in this color. My email is pprahl@gmail.com. Thanks



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