My first project of the year

It is funny sometimes how fast I start a project without following the correct protocol of blogging about it. This shawl was a custom order for a friend that wanted something soft with ruffles.  She let me surprise her with the design, but she was very specific about having the ruffles. After I made my swatch I decided to cast on 270 plus stitches and started knitting a beautiful lace pattern. About 20 rows later (I’m a slow knitter by the way), I realized that the pattern wasn’t right for this yarn. The tweedy effect of it made my pattern disappear. Mmmh… Not good. I should have paid attention to my swatch. That’s why we make swatches, right? But I think I was in denial about the texture of the yarn taking over the lace design, or, maybe I was excited about knitting with something very soft and warm during the winter. Without thinking too much about it, I unraveled about 12 hours of work and started again with another pattern in mind. Something really simple.


And this is what I came out with.


I’m thinking about using this stitch with another design that I have in mind. Maybe with the same yarn. By the way the yarn this is Prime Alpaca from Henry’s Attic.  I really liked the stitch-yarn combination. It made a soft fabric with a wonderful drape that wraps the body nicely. Well, after finishing the shawl, I sent it to my friend. I got a nice call from her telling me how much she love her new shawl. It made my day!

Katie (the shawl owner) is a painter with a unique and bold style. You can check her website here: Three Feet


Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Mark Twain




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