What’s up…

Boy! I’m due for a new post here. I’ve been busy and for some reason I can’t catch up with anything. I’m a little bit frustrated, since I feel that nothing has been getting done. I feel running behind a fast ghost that makes me clumsy and out of balance. As a result of it I got burned a few days ago with steaming water while trying to go up the stairs holding a pot filled with the boiling liquid. Just what I needed. An ugly scar on my arm. At least it will remind me that I have to be extra careful  next time.

Enough of complaints…

On the other hand good things are happening with Beesybee Fibers. Last week I delivered my first batch of roving to Urban Fauna Studio (located in San Francisco) which focuses on selling the work of indie fiber artists. They have a busy calendar filled with knitting, spinning and felting with classes.

Blas and Jamie the owners, are also the founders of Baazar Bizarre in San Francisco,  an indie craft show that showcases the original work of many talented, off the beat and path artists.

I’m marking the dates on my calendar for the next show which happens next month.

Geez!! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week already!!!!  We are going to celebrate it this year a little bit different.  DH and I are going to walk the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning and later on we will meet with our loving friends. Instead having the traditional turkey, we will have a crab feast since the season just opened this week. Yummm!!

There is nothing better than eating fresh crab and supporting our local fisherman…

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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