Pretty day, pretty fibers

At Winrush Farm on Chileno Valley. I met so many nice people…because fiber people are nice, I mean really nice…Thanks everyone who came to celebrate with us at the Second Annual Fiber Fest. We missed some folks, like Mike the Baker, but we managed to have some munchies for the hungry and drinks for the thirsty. Although…Mike’s pizzas are irreplaceable.  But let’s start from the beginning. I got to Mimi’s farm early in the morning, to unload my car and set up my booth. I immediately felt the warm greeting of a couple of alpacas with a curious gaze. As soon as I got my camera ready to take some shots they gave me the cold shoulder and walked away. I still managed to get a couple of pictures of them though.


Is there a glimpse of a smile? Or it is just my imagination?



Marlie and Charmaine had their beautiful fibers for sale


Some dyed with indigo


Just eye candy…even for the non fiber enthusiast.



Awww! And Mim’s yarn. Made out of her own flock of sheep.

Dyed with plants like marigolds, walnuts, madder, onion skins…



And of course I had my fibers for sale…


I got to meet a fiber fairy that gave me a couple of beautiful batts that are in my spinning wheel right now. Sorry, pictures later…I just couldn’t resist the temptation of spinning them before taking pictures. However,  I did take pictures of her basket of fibers and spindles!



Thanks to Mimi and her generosity for letting use her farm as a fiber playground.


“You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It’s your life.”

~Ethan Embry


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