More spinning

How better that this can get? Wine, chocolate, my table full of fibers and my spinning wheel. Pure delight!

I got a whole Wensleydale fleece a couple weeks ago at Wyammy Ranch located in Occidental. I got a bit lost,  but it didn’t matter, because the driving was so pleasant, that you almost want to get lost  through the pretty back roads surrounded by redwoods  and cute small towns. After entering a couple wrong driveways I finally found my way to the ranch on time to see the shearing and help with the skirting for a couple of hours. It was great to meet others spinners and learn how to skirt the fleeces. I couldn’t believe how much fiber they were taking off the fleece , but then one of the women told me that I should get rid of stuff that I didn’t want to deal with. It makes a lot of sense. On my way back to home, I stopped at Wild Flour Bakery in the town of Freestone and got fresh baked artisan bread. I don’t eat much bread, but this was so fresh and smell so darn good that it was difficult to resist. I ate almost half of the loaf while driving.  Any how, I didn’t wait too long before I washed the fleece. Two 30 minutes soaks with my favorite laundry detergent and one more rinsing with vinegar. The fleece was not too dirty. So far I have dyed about 4 ounces and I’m in the process of spinning a couple skeins.

I’m combining the yarn with another favorite fiber of mine, Teeswater and I’m very happy with what is taking form on my wheel:

And this is the fist skein.  I have another one in the works right now…

Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread.

~Pablo Neruda

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