New Section for shop updated

For now on I will be posting my shop updates here which it is located at the top of my blog, above the header. At least I will for a while try to see if it works fine. This last week has been busy for me, I will post some pictures of what I’ve been up to:

I made some humongous project bags, I mean really big ones. This bags can carry my whole world. The story behind these bags starts a couple years ago when a friend of mine drop in my doorway a few boxes full of wonderful organic fabric that are remnants from Coyuchi, a local company that produces beautiful bedding products. She knows that I’m crafty and she trusted that I could came out with  good ideas to recycle this fabric. I left the boxes for about two years to collect dust, but from time to time I would have the intention of putting the whole thing in the community free box; a place that we have here in town where people can drop off any usable stuff and somebody else could use it. And then, one day I had a voila moment. Tote bags! The design is very simple, but it goes well with the natural colors of the fabric. It took me about a week to make seven of them. It was fun to make something very quick and simple.

It holds a lot of stuff. The length of the opening is about 14 inches long. In the picture above in the upper right corner shows inside the bag with 3/4 of a pound of wool, my hand carders, a spindle, and still has more space.

For fastening the bag, I used some tagua nut buttons and some handmade abalone buttons that I get from a friend. And now I’m going to have some tea with the mad hatter…

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