Now that I’m back…

The first thing that I wanted to do when I came back from Mexico was to spin wool! I finished a few days ago some yarn that I started before my trip.

I can’t wait to knit with this yarn. I hand dyed the roving I had it for sale on my shop some time ago, but there is has a funny story behind. So I decided to keep it.

I also finished my first two skeins made of two incelandic lambs (Peanut and Caramel) that I got from Hillyard Farm. Gorgeous creamy white fleecces. I still have 5 pounds to go…

I decided to combine it with another favorite of mine, long and soft teeswater curls and the ply them with a sparkly thread. I might knit a scarf with it.

This next yarn might be my favorite right now, it was spun from the all the leftovers that I get from the drum carder after cleaning it. It has lots of colors and I love the way the come all together after plying the yarn.

It has lots of sparkle and it is very soft, and I’m sure will be fun to knit with it.

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