Happy New Year!!!

I will start the year with the right foot (at least that’s my intention). I haven’t been able to get to my dye pots for more than a month and it was driving me crazy!!! Today I’m planning to spend the whole day dyeing and my excitement is greater because my wool supplier finally is carrying milk fiber. I have heard before that it can be tricky to dye this fiber, because it tends to get “crunchy” whatever it means, so I will try to be careful, although I don’t know what I should be careful about. So I will start my year with some experimenting with a new fiber. During the holidays I was able to get a little spinning done with my teeswater wool. It came out lovely! Just about what I had in mind.

I spun it on the lock without using a core yarn. The fiber took the dye so wonderful. I dyed the wool with very soft pastel colors.

This skein was spun combining some of corridale and more of the teeswater.

And this is what happened after I put this two fibers together:

I’m planning to use some of this fiber for my Phat Fiber samples for this month. The theme is “For the Love of Books” and I have some fun ideas that might work with these colors. Resolutions for this year?

Eat healthier

Exercise a little more, maybe more walks and more stretches. My back will thank me for this.

Promote my business.

Be more productive

Be more environmentally conscious, (without being paranoid). If we keep going at this rate, our mother earth will give up on us and commit suicide, and we need her, right?

Don’t take anything personally

Be more compassionate

Have more fun! It is always good to laugh. I know it is healthy.

Pay my debt

Giveaways! I always wanted to do this, because it is fun, and helps to promote my business, (two of my resolutions) but for some reason, I never  got quite organized to do this, so this year I will make a point on doing it.

Life is good, and we can make it better with a good attitude and being positive. I know sometimes it is hard, specially when we see that our friends and loved ones are loosing their homes, jobs, business, etc., but we have to remember that we have each other and the only thing that can’t have remedy is death. So, stay positive, positive, positive….Does anybody would like to share some of your resolutions with me?

Love to all,


“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas”

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