Phat fiber Samples for December “Aurora Borealis and Beyond”

The theme for the December Phat Fiber Samples is “Aurora Borealis and Beyond”. Once again I failed to take more pictures of my final samples. But here is a little pic of one of my batts before I converted them into cute wee samples.

As always, I have a blast put it them together. I love choosing the colors and texture. Even tough I have a vague idea of what I want to achieve, the fiber itself has the last word.

It metamorphoses into what it wants to be. I remember my teacher Polly Stirling mentioning something like that when she was explaining how the wool felts. Sometimes I imagine wool fibers like worms, trying to find each other to form colonies and cling into themselves. Funny uh?

When I was working on my Phat Samples, I took a break and I sat on an old wicker chair when I felt something moving next to my leg. When I looked down, I saw this little fella looking at me:

This cute little frog. I finished my lunch and this dude never moved one inch.

I don’t know what kind of frog it is, and I would love to know more about it. If somebody reading this blog knows, a note in the comments section will be appreciated. Thanks!

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