First batch

It’s the end of the day. It feels good to get home, have a glass of wine and get dinner ready. And then… go to the computer. I’ve been playing a lot with the new Greener Shades dyes that I ordered last week.

African Daisy

So far I’ve been working only with the primary colors. It is a little bit intimidating at first. Having only 5 color available  to start with and go from there… I had to hold my breath the first time I mixed them. Is it going to be right? 5 teaspoons of this, 2  1/2 of that… Oh well… Here goes nothing! Luckily, I have some books that helps me to understand better what I’m doing. I still need to learn to mix with the secondary colors.

Roving dyed with Greener Shades

I’m very happy with how fast the dye exhausts. It does it at a lower temperature than other dyes (at least the dyes that I was using before). You can notice in the picture that the fiber grabs onto the dye instantly. There is little blending there. I’m also using citric acid to set the dye instead white vinegar. I think I need to lower the amount used, because I like when the colors  blend in between. When I rinsed the fiber after steaming it, there was not bleeding at all. The water came out clear. This speeds the amount of time that I have to wait for the dye to set and lessen the use of energy. Next year I would like to try with solar dyeing (not much sun lately).


And here it is my very first batch. I called it Atlantia because the deep colors. Today, I worked more with some pastels hues. I’m liking the blues a lot, even that my favorite colors are reds and chocolate browns. Is good to write the formulas, to be able to repeat them later on. So far I’m very satisfied with the results I’m getting. And I can’t wait to try mixing with the secondary colors.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

~Mary Lou Cook


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