More spinning

Taxes! I can’t think of a better way of waste my time! Due to some travel and sickness at the beginning of the year we were unable to get it all together on time. But finally it is done! And the first thing I wanted to do is to get back to my spinning wheel. I’m almost done spinning all the camel/silk/merino blend.


It seems that I have more control over the twist with my Mach 1, and I’m still trying to figure out the Suzie Pro. I’m thinking about switching the whorl of the Suzie with the Alpaca whorl. Maybe that would solve the problem that I have of over twisting my yarn.


Overall I’m very happy with the thickness, about 7-8 WPI and  very please with the choice my colors. I’m very eager to start the project that I have in mind. It would be my first big project with my own hand spun yarn!


Pre drafting the roving was a bit helpful on putting those untamed loose fibers in place. The slightest breeze would make them fly!  It made a big difference with the quality of the spinning since I  could concentrate better on the spinning without having to draft while I was spinning which makes me have an uneven yarn.


And talking about slippery fibers, bamboo wins on this category. After I spun it I was a bit worry by the stiffness of the finished yarn, but after giving it a warm soak and set the twist, that stiffness  went away and instead, it magically got transformed into a silky, soft, and yummy yarn. I love that sort of magic that happens between the time when I have the roving ready to be spun and the final soak.

Blue Face Leicester

The Blue Face Leicester was such a treat! No frills. It is such a wonderful soft fiber and fun to spin with. I’m looking forward to spinning more with it!

Walk tall as the trees; live strong as the mountains; be gentle as the spring winds; keep the warmth of summer in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you.
Anonymous Native American

One thought on “More spinning

  1. Your yarns are beautiful. I know what you mean about alpaca flying away. It’s even more fly away when it’s blended with Merino. When I blend the two together the fibers just go everywhere. lol.
    I agree BFL is a dream to spin.


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