Quiet time

I know I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been a bit silent. Working and doing the regular “every day” chores. It’s just that I’ve been thinking of a friend that died last year in a tragic way (exactly a year ago) and I happened to be one of the people who found him. I’ve been thinking that life is so fragile and how easy we take it for granted. Gosh! Believe me. I tend to forget it so easily. I had a hard time letting the image go. My mom who lives in Yucatan called me when this happened and her words where really soothing to me. She told me that what I saw wasn’t him anymore. He was already gone. This helped me a bit to get over the image of him. I always considered myself as a strong person, but this hit me hard. I feel good enough to talk about this now, but not before. And I feel that I need to share it. I think this is part of letting it go. I still feel that  he is going to walk trough the gate any time or that I will see him in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine and ready to share it with us. He would always start conversations about politics and conspiracy.

Bolinas Beach

So, this moment of silence is for you Hughes. We miss you…

One thought on “Quiet time

  1. Sorry for your loss…..((((hugs))))….even though it was a year ago. It takes a long time for that image to fade. Keep remembering the good images and it will help you.


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