Even though projects haven’t been posted, things are happening. Just haven’t find the time to post much. I thought that pictures sometimes speaks more than words…

Morning walksMorning walks into the mud flat…


Wool waiting to get dyed

Wool getting dry

Wool getting dry…

Dyed wool

Wool ready to be photograph…


I’ve bee spinning and trying the core spun technique… With sequins…


Birthday present…

Birthday presentAnother birthday present…


Birthday meal…

Birthday present

This is a really special birthday present. My grandmother pass away earlier this year. She died from lung cancer. Never smoked. Her name was Lola and we called her Chichi Lola. Chichi means Grandmother in Mayan language. When I was a kid, I used to beg her to let me play and dance with this necklace because I loved to see how the dangles moved. She left this for me before she died… Of course I wore this on my birthday and I thought of her… I miss her …

6 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Glad you had a happy birthday Patricia – love the pics the huge ball ready to be dyed & the photo of all the yummy dyed rovings – you grandmothers necklace is lovely, is that an old coin in it?


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