Saturday Morning

Keith went for a long bike ride early in the morning  (and like every morning) I got out of bed, I had breakfast and drove to my studio about a mile from town. The place was not particularly quiet, but filled with bird songs. My landlords are out of town and the place is completely alone. Suddenly, I realized that I was the only soul there. Just me…

My studio

The morning sun had not come out yet and the fog was slowly vanishing. The smell of wet forest reached me and childhood memories started to come to me like flash cards. It was the same smell that I sense when I’m in deep in the Yucatán Peninsula or somewhere in the Guatemala highlands.

Road to my studio

And no voices, no cars, no weed whackers…


I called this a moment of blissful solitude…

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. ~ from the Tag Surfer function ~

    Hey, I know your Etsy!

    Heh. You’re one of those *mean* people with gorgeous roving for sale…

    Beautiful pictures. I like the funky daisy the best. 0_<

    I will be by again.
    ~ Bethany, gossamersong on Ravelry


  2. Hi Patricia – love the pics – and sometimes being alone is just heavenly isnt it – im quite happy in my own company especially when mother nature is there with me too 🙂 have a great day!



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